Social Distancing while flying the Indian way

Keeping the novel Coronavirus in mind, the Indian government has taken numerous actions. Despite that, we still have so many cases in India for the same. With that said, the issue now is when the lockdown is going to be over what the Indian Government is going to do. Because the world health organization has still not given the no issue disclaimer yet. That means the virus might still appear at a later point in time.

To keep the economy running people have to go to work, which means the train and flight operations has to start. We can maintain social distancing over our home or society. But how do we do that when we fly? Well, we have a solution for that, which the DGCA is going to implement.

Post the lockdown is over, the Indian Government’s regulatory body DGCA is looking for a solution. The solution is going to make sure that people maintain social distancing while flying.

Social Distancing while flying
Image courtesy: Business Standard

Social Distancing While Flying:

Business Standard reports: The Standard Operating Procedure, being formulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), will make it mandatory for airlines to keep all middle seats and last three rows empty to minimize contact. This means for a 186-seater Airbus A320 jet, that the country’s largest airline IndiGo flies, only 106 seats can be sold.

“While keeping the middle seat empty is important to ensure social distancing inside the aircraft, the last three rows will have to be kept empty in order to isolate a passenger if he or she develops symptoms mid-air,” said a government official.

Indian airports will also be asked to make thermal checking of passengers compulsory and limit customer touchpoints. “Thermal screening of all passengers will be there for some time until the virus is declared controlled. Airports will be asked to take suitable steps,” a health ministry official said. Industry executives argued that such stringent measures will make it unviable for the airlines to operate and may logically push up fares significantly. However, with low demand for travel, any drastic increase may be a challenge.

What do you think of this move? Is this going to make any difference? Let us know in the comments section below.

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