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Things not to do during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus is going crazy in the world as we all know. During this pandemic, I am going to list down a few things. These are things not to do during coronavirus lockdown. The things that are here listed are my personal list of things. And I believe every one of us should be avoiding these things to keep our calm and achieve the best in our lives.

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Things not to do during coronavirus lockdown:

  1. Do not call your Ex:

    Yep. You read that right. At times when we feel alone, we need a shoulder to cry on. And there the thought comes across our mind. At the time when we had a shoulder to cry on, we did not try enough. And now when you are in need, you do not have one. No matter what the case is, never ever try and reach out to your ex. That not only is going to defeat the purpose for you to break up in the first place. But it also is going to ruin the rest of the time during the lockdown. If you call then you definitely wanna get back and then that is not going to possible. But that is going to break you more. So stop calling back your ex during the lockdown.
  2. Do not go crazy on Social Media:

    Yes, it is the time when every one of us is a little bit crazy. But that does not mean you should go crazy on social media and share everything that is happening in your life on social media. The world is dealing with more stupidity enough that it does not have space for your stupidity again. Stop being stupid and be an adult and deal with it like an adult. Do not share everything that is happening in your life, what you doing, what you eating, what you thinking at home on social media.
  3. Stop being a COVIDIOT:

    You know what a Covidiot means. Don’t you? Covidiot means “Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.”. So if your region is having a lockdown then you better agree and obey the rules and stop being a Covidiot.
things not to do during coronavirus lockdown

Considering the current scenario we are in, I have added these three major things not to do. Let us know how you are dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and the Lockdown in your area in the comments below.

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