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How knowing Microsoft Lumia 730 issues and complaints can help you predict the future

After taking over Nokia Mobile Smartphone division, Microsoft launched this beast in November 2014 and this is having some mixed reviews from the customers. Some are happy with the work and some are disappointed with the same old behavior of Microsoft that is keeping things to itself like the apps as they are not widely available. However, this time Microsoft has done a very good job. Indeed, we also agree to that.

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What here is been said about this phone is this is the first smartphone designed specifically for selfies and Skype video calls. And you won’t compromise quality with the 5 MP front-facing camera and wide-angle lens. What Microsoft has done is that with integrated Skype, make video calls to friends and family with Lumia 730 Dual SIM. It’s wide angle and, 5MegaPixel front facing camera let’s you share more of your life and daily activity.

Microsoft Lumia 730 Issues and Complaints
Microsoft Lumia 730

Coming to the specifications of this phone it has got some real good features.This is having 4.7 inch display with a HD720 which is 1280 x 720 screen resolution. It has also got the super sensitive touch of Nokia/Microsoft now phones which is simply awesome. No body can match that.

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Coming to the photography part where it has got a 6.7 Megapixel camera with LED flash to capture some real good photos in the phone itself and as we know that the camera is real good when it is Nokia we are taking about.

If you still want to checkout the specifications and details, please refer to this article.

Then the most important thing is power management and this phone has got 2220 mAH battery capacity and maximum video play back time as per Microsoft is 9 hours and that is not truth which we are aware of. Again a lie is that Microsoft claims that this phone is going to give 10+ hours battery back up. The processor it has is a snapdragon 400 quad core 1200 MHZ one which is simply good for games like normal ones like Subway Surfers and temple runs and some others that we usually play.

This phone has got some good sensors as well which are Ambient light sensor, Accelerator, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer and Sensor Core.

Microsoft Lumia 730 Issues and Complaints:

I was just going through the reviews while I was writing this article and found this response from a certified buyer really helpful and funny and at the same time amazing. Read it out:

[box type=”info” size=”medium” border=”full” icon=”note”]”BUILD QUALITY : the phone feels very premium in hand…its very very light.only 130 GM..its Nokia guys don’t worry CAMERA : awesome camera guys. the best camera under this price range..its even better then 8 mp offered by Samsung and other brand..the best part is the 5mp front camera..it s fabulous SCREEN : its the best screen i have ever seen..it has clear black technology,316 ppi ,gorilla glass3, the color are very bright and clear…even under sun the screen is very sharp and bright. SPEAKER: very clear and loud.. PERFORMANCE AND OS : the phone performs very fast..the wp8.1 is very fluid and faster under quad core processor. it has 1gb ram and adreno 305 for gamer..no issue with performance at all there are all the required apps for day to day use like whats app ,Facebook, tube cast and my tube for you tube, 6 snap and 6 tag for snap chat and Instagram are the best, files app for file manager and many other fantastic apps… and for your kind info windows 10 update is coming in April..so don’t worry and go for it….”[/box]

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After Windows 10 was release I was thinking may be there will be any sort of change with the issues and stuff but no luck unfortunately, the issues still persist and again the resolution are the same ones as mentioned in another article. I was really hoping windows 10 issues in Nokia 730 will be very very less but seems like that is not the case.

There are some other issues as well in the phone which have been reported by the users who even bought the device brand new. Here are all the ones that I found will help are about Microsoft Lumia 730 Issues and Complaints. Do read before your decide and let me know in the comments section what do you think.

  • Bluetooth Bulk receive not yet corrected. There is no option to revert 3 column titles to native 2 column this 3 column tiles are so tiny its just killing my device look. Inbuilt home , back and search buttons are not minimizing properly…… 🙁 especially while using application or playing games.
  • I bought it on 9th of this month and had problem with double tap to wakeup. So i went back and asked them to give me a new replacement, though they agreed after few long calls and visits to the store. But now it’s out of stock so it’s been 3 days i didn’t got the phone yet.
  • Hi..Today I got my replacement device L730..Even in this most of the apps have that screen blinking issue…Hope that will be resolved in future s/w updates..The new issue is with lumia selfie app…Have you noticed the images?? Its like mirror image !! Then I checked with the pics took in my first L730.. those were also like this..Can you please confirm.. how is it in your phone?? Ex: try to take photo of some text using Lumia Selfie !!
Lumia 730 issues and problems
Lumia 730 issues and problems

Even though all of these have come through people are also satisfied with the behave and ability of the phone to serve the purpose of the Nokia Lumia 730 or rather I should say Microsoft Lumia 730.

Let me know in the comments section what you think about this new phone and whether you are satisfied with the results of this phone or not. Cheers!

103 thoughts on “How knowing Microsoft Lumia 730 issues and complaints can help you predict the future”

    Very well written article, thanks for the information and keep writing such amazing articles.
    I am great fan of your blog, thanks.

  2. Issue after three months of usage.

    All of sudden my Lumia 730 icons/Screen shows up with large icons as if we view a windows XP when we boot with safe mode. I have checked with the store i bot from they say i will have to take it to service center and make them re install my OS 🙁

    One more issue is CALL DROPS . Even after replacing the CUT micro SIM with original MICRO SIM from Vodafone i was facing call drop issue while making any call with in few seconds ,… which is very irritating most of the times while i make calls in emergency and call drop shows up 🙁 :(…

    One more issue : If i update my Music folder of SD card with new songs and completely delete the previously present songs. and when i open MUSIC PLAYER (default) it shows up all the previous songs names along with newly added ones….. The updation system for music and video files system is very worst.

    If any one faced same issues and got it rectified let me know solution please.

  3. I bought this mobile on 3rd Dec, 2014 but day one phone gets hang when network connectivity restores from low coverage or some times either one sim lost its network coverage. network coverage is showing as full but when i dial a number there is no sound and it displays as dialing, i have waited for 5 min and more but still displays as dialing. when i tried to end the call the same thing happening and it displays as ending. the phone hangs there and is dead hang. I send phone to head office twice but issue is not resolved yet. they do not understand the problem also.it is waste of money to buy this phone.

    1. Hello Neha, thanks for stopping by and I am so sorry to hear that you are facing all these issues. One of my colleague is using this phone and I contacted her after your issues but her phone is been working fine is what she said. I would suggest if nothing they are doing then just go ahead and submit a complain against them in the consumer forum. That will help for sure. Let me know how it goes!

  4. Hello neha ji, With respect to nokia lumia 730 the SIM card which you use must not be a CUT SIM using the CUT puncher. I was told if we use MICRO CUT SIM in the mobile it would give the problems like call hang, call dropped, after u give a call to any number.

    So kindly contact your SIM card retailer in any outlet of them, give a xerox of the proof submitted to get that number, pay a little of 20-50 Rs. u will get a MICRO SIM manufactured by the retailer rather than a cut SIM card. I have done it and the frequency of the error u told will not persist after doing.

  5. hey guys …i dnt know how to post but with this Lumia 730 i really have a big problem from the day i brought this….the mobile hangs off everytime and sometimes it starts vibrating and it doesnt stop until i remove my battery ..i have written a complaint on rateus which is present in the settings…but i havent got any reply…and a new problem started ..when i connect my charger to mobile the touch doesnt work…well..i cant type a message even it goes as if the software had a problem with in ..i have this problem from the day i brought…and it always says fix u r SD card and all those stuff….really fed up..i have givwn 0 like in rate us and really asked for a reply but i havent got any….:-( please help..me…

  6. hi guys. I m vipin, i bought lumia 730 for while it was good and for some tyms ma phn gets hanged while takng video clips.. i miss all that blsting moments…. its really a bull shit…… feeling irritatted….

  7. You guys are getting second hand or rejected pcs Lumia 730 has been sold out…now they are clearing their stock at little low price….

    1. hey!!! i just bought a lumia 730..i have some strange problems with the phone…these problems arise only when I am charging the phone..i.e. while the phone is kept on charging, the touch does not respond sometimes and it even kind of freezes and the second thing is the messaging . something weird happens to the screen and the letters start showing up and popping up even without selecting them ..kind of random and automatic typing frenzy happens …and when I press the delete button, it instead of deleting, starts typing random letters in the text box…this doesn’t happen when the phone is off charging/ not charging…kindly help me understand this problem..I still have time to return the product as I got it from an online store

      1. hey!!! i just bought a lumia 730..i have some strange problems with the phone…these problems arise only when I am charging the phone..i.e. while the phone is kept on charging, the touch does not respond sometimes and it even kind of freezes and the second thing is the messaging . something weird happens to the screen and the letters start showing up and popping up even without selecting them ..kind of random and automatic typing frenzy happens …and when I press the delete button, it instead of deleting, starts typing random letters in the text box…this doesn’t happen when the phone is off charging/ not charging…what should I do?

  8. I had recive a message to update software i accepted nd my nokia 730 get shutted down but now its not turning on… any solution?

  9. Hi..Guys I Too had a Prblm with ma Noika 730 abt network issue..
    1. No network seen or No data connection on/off button

    I found one solution for this..
    1st u have to activate 3G sim and use 3G net.
    aft that turn off the net and activate 2G
    Now ur phone get that network prblm for Temporary…

  10. Hi,

    i seem to hav e a very rare issue-the flight mode got on by itself and is not switiching off-please help

  11. I have problem with wifi of lumia 730…whenever i tries to connect wifi with my home wifi or other it always says “no internet access”…so can u help me with that problem……

  12. Hi I am using smart phone for past 5+ yrs bought L730 this Jan. I am facing a funny problem when I place a Cal it automatically place the cal in hold and redial to last called person. I feel its due to the sensitivity of the phone. Can u pls guide me.

  13. naw a days i m facing a problem in my lumia 730 that whenever i m trying to access my whats app application its not working n i m not able to access my wats app messages.but if someone messaging me then i m able to chat with him only.if i m trying to go back for a new chat the app stops working and its get exit from the app.so please suggest how to overcome the issue

  14. hai this is syed i am using nokia lumia 730 i m facing the problem by insering dual sims .. when i insert 2nd sim i am not able to get networm … is there any problem in settings please can u rectifie my problem

  15. battery life is very poor. Only lasts 7-8 hours. Bought this phone coz i have read the reviews that it has long battery life. I am really disappointed.

  16. It has been a while since a bought my lumia 730, but now, seems like the main camera its not working properly, the quality is bad and worse than the frontal camera. Close pictures looks awesome but when I take pictures from long distances it looks blurry. Any solution?

  17. hiiii… m waseem nd m using lumia 730. 2day i install window 10 nd after sometime the phone is switch off nd not working… so wt i do??? give me some suggestion plz?

      1. Problem with double tap to wake up screen..some times its not working. Sometimes home screen and apps have that screen blinking issue.

          1. Hi,
            I m shital, having Lumia 730, from 2 yrs, with no problem,
            But now in last week my phone speaker was not working(can hear ringing and songs in head phone) but not on speaker, hence i get my phone speaker replaced from Microsoft servicing centre , it worked for a day, and again not working now .. Pls help me, a i dont wnat to change my phone at all

          2. Shital, I think you will have to go to the store and take their help. Or else you will have to go ahead and do a factory reset and see if things change. Let me know how it goes in any case.

  18. Weirdest problem that i am facing right now with my lumia 730 is with its rear camera. used it for just 4 months, and now the camera screen is showing some group of pixels with false colors…they appear like stains on a cloth. I wasted my money on this phone. Soft reset, and RESET didnt solve my problem !!!

  19. My phone is simply getting switched off and it does’t get switched on for a long while. after that if i charge that phone it shows low battery but i have charged it full earlier and after a long while it shows the real battery percent. pls help me.

  20. Am esi, pls i am having problem installing apps on ma lumia 730. It downloads to a point and then tells me the app need attention so i should try later which i do but it never works. Also i can update the apps i already have on the phone. Can u pls help me solve the problem i really love the phone and dont want to change it.

  21. Senthil Nayagam


    I am facing the issue for past 10 days.Call Wifi everything works fine,except data connectivity.I checked with airtel,all network settings fine.Reset factory settings.Still facing the same issue.Anyone suggest me.Wat i have to do

    1. Hi Senthil, what sim are you using? If you are using manually cutting the sim card then try getting it replaced. I have had the same problem in my Lumia 1020 and after replacing the sim card the problem was gone.

  22. I recently bought Lumia 730 phone from Flip kart and the phone’s here drive is not all all working properly.I downloaded the maps again and also tried installing here drive app again but still the issue persists.When I search for particular destination offline/online in here drive,the results are not all displayed and the only result which I get is “still searching”(very long time to search).
    Even if the route is detected the arrow head in the navigation route never change,it will be static near the initial point.
    I bought the phone because of the very important and good feature of here drive and I am really disappointed.
    Should I go to Nokia service station for the help as the guarantee period of my mobile phone still exists?
    Can anybody please help me in this regard?Thanks in advance…

    1. Hi There, first of all yes I think that should be a good idea to go to the service center and let them have a look and then HERE maps are now available for every phone not just windows and that’s the good thing. 🙂 Let me know how it goes?

  23. Hey Guys, 1 week back i got my nokia lumia 730.its awesome.but one issue i noticed is that sometime the internet connection goes off automatically and after switching down and then switch on, it again comes back.i think it is not network problem as i checked with my both sims.pls help guys if you have any kind of similar experience.

  24. My lumia 730 light sensor does not working when i make a call & double tap for screen walk-up does not working. What can I do now

  25. i am facing light sensor issue in my new Nokia lumia 730 phone which i bought at amazon.in on 2/7/2015.

    when i tried to call anyone i.e after clicking the call button the screen light gets completely off and i cannot able to end the call. this happens with each and every call.

    dont know how to fix this issue,
    dont know whether its due to phone’s light sensor problem or light sensor settings
    dont know whether it happens with online shopped mobiles or with store phone or with both
    dont what to do with this case, confused whether to Repalce or return or take to nokia care

    anyone please help me

  26. i buy nokia lumia 730 dual sim on 11 july ,2015,there is a problem when i dial a call and on speaker then noise occurs i reboot but not solved

  27. From last 15 days there is a problem in my Lumia 730 . my phone restarts every 2 hours please suggest me what to do

  28. Praveen Kumar Yadav

    I bought a Lumia 730 model on June 23rd 2015, it was working fine but suddenly on 16-17 july it hanged. But on 18 july it went almost junk , nothing was working. when i switched it off it switched on itself automatically, actually it was not shutting down ,it was restarting again and again.
    Phone went to flight mode and it was not going to general mode.When i tried to charge the battery it heated up .
    On 19 th july I went to Nokia Care , the guy there saw it and told me that we will send it for further processing. He just wrote something on the sale receipt and told me to come back after one week. I am clueless that I bought this phone on the pretext that it will not hang as suggested by someone, but it is behaving like a cheap chinese toy in less than one month.

  29. I have a peculiar problem wherein my SD card when inserted does not allow detection in MTP/USB storage mode on Windows 8.1 PC when connected through USB cable. But when I remove the SD card and then connect my Lumia 730 to my PC, it detects the phone storage. I have already installed the Phone software and the drivers whatever necessary. I tried the soft reset and checked for updates, but does not help. I do not want to hard-reset my phone. Please help me!

  30. The phone is great overall. the ONE FLAW WHICH I HATE and personally have the worse camera on it .. is the LEVEL Of red .. no matter the white balance .. JUST REEEEEED…. you take pictures of something yellow .. NO NOKIA says it is READ… take pictures of people faces… NO THEIR FACES are RED .. LUMIA logic 🙂

  31. My Lumia 730 faces issues during Skype calls.. Front camera stops working during the call after i quit the call and open any camera app it shows loading… I have to restart the phone to start camera again.. Also there is one more issue whatever(Images, videos,songs) I save in my SD card it is not shown in Storage Sense.. Pictures, Videos and Music folders shows 0.0 Mb whereas Other folder shows filled…

  32. I am facing a issue now in Nokia Lumia 73o.The issue is that when I call some numbers,although the other person’s phone is in ringing mode still when particularly I call it rings in silent mode.No Vibration or Music on the other phone.Have anyone faced this issue?Don’t know to whom contact in this case as probably there might not be any service center of Nokia.Although my phone is in Warranty period.

  33. Suvranshu panda

    Hi i am having problem in my lumia730.I cannot type anything after tapping space and fullstop.I have to go back to previous word and then when i tap space it works for one word.please tellmethesolution?

  34. today I bought Lumia 730 just I wanted to know how to keep my mobile in switch off while charging even though I switch off it’s automatically turning on, what to do tell me someone please

  35. I have bought nokia lumia 730 After very normal usage of phone i found the following problems…. 1.Mobile gets hanged doesn’t respond till its restarted. 2.Sometimes more options will not be shown. eg: settings–>Mobile sim–>data connection , 3G connection options will not be shown to switch on/off. If i restart the phone then everything works fine. 3.Mobile will be active ,i can see tower signal for both the sim’s on the phone, but when i tried to call from some other mobile to my mobile it will not connect…and if i restart it works fine… I’m a big fan of NOKIA so i bought it but with this type defects in a mobile make me too bad about nokia. I dnt know because of what i’m facing these issues….it might be OS problems or may be hardware problems. Is any1 facing the same issue??? or is this a defect peice???? Plz some1 help me out…how can i resolve these problems….Kindly provide your comments…

  36. Hello Prabhu,

    1. My Lumia 730 speakers sound a bit rusty during msg notifications and calls. Problem is this doesn’t happen every time. Randomly, the notification tone sounds like the speakers have tore off. Immediately when I check with the music player, the sound is very clear and loud.

    2. Frequent call drops happening in Edge connection. Even when I have full network, when I make a call the network bars drop from 5 to 1 and the call is getting dropped. This doesn’t happen when I use 3G or H+ signals. I checked with other sims also, still the same issue. My friend’s lumia 730 doesn’t have the above two issues.

    Solutions Tried:
    Nokia Care updated the software and said that it should be fine with the update, but still the problem appears.
    Factory Reset.
    Changed from modified sim to proper Micro sim.

    Please suggest me what to do.

  37. Please I bought Lumia 730 some couple of months ago and my back camera stopped working, I have updated my phone but still not working please help me

  38. Rajesh Basuthker

    I bought lumia 730 Dec 2014. sim one option is not working. when i been to Nokia service centre, they told me, one of the cable from the mother board is not working and need to change entire mother board and it would cost me 6k.Kindly suggest

    1. Hey Rajesh, I am so sorry to hear about your issues but I do not think I could do much help here. I checked with Microsoft also on this and they also mentioned the same thing. Unfortunately if your phone is not under warranty then you would have to pay the price and do it. There are no other options available.

  39. I have hard rest in my Lumia 730 and then after OS is not being fully installed and in my mobile some apps missing like setting, caller, contact etc. pls help me.

    1. Chirag, what I have always seen is that when hard reset does not work then the only option left is to get it done by the care. Check once with the care if they could reset the phone and install the OS again. Hopefully, that will sort all your problems.

  40. My Lumia 730 greatly suffer when the windows 10 update were installed. But my biggest problem was with the camera. It doesn’t seems to perform well. The camera is great in macro but when I’m trying to focus it on a far object, it just doesn’t work. It is super blurry like it was just made for a macro/close-up shots. Somebody can help?

    1. I am facing same issue,My Lumia 730 greatly suffer when the windows 10 update were installed,i tried hard resetting,even i rollback to windows 8.1,still facing same issue camera focus not working

  41. Hi Prabhudatta Sahoo,

    I have been using Nokia Lumia 730 for the past two years and it has recently encountered an issue, any picture clicked in my camera or any picture sent via WhatsApp disappears from the gallery. I am not sure what is the actual problem, though – I tried restarting my mobile, removed & inserted the S.D card several times, yet nothing helps. The missing pictures appear suddenly in my phone gallery and later it disappears. Also, I am unable to share pictures via WhatsApp. I am sure it can’t be virus.

    I went through your comments on this website and they look really useful, hence i decided to seek help from you. I request your suggestions & comments if you have heard about this problem before.


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