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How to stop bleeding fingertip cut off home remedies

Before even I start I would like you to know that I am no doctor. What I am going to tell you is the essence of any home remedy that could possibly be used to stop bleeding. I am not sure that it is going to work. I can not guarantee and I take no responsibility if it does not work. If you choose to try and follow the steps I am going to tell you to follow, that is on you. You are taking this informed decision and the results will be accordingly yours. If you are okay with that, then please read on.

If you find yourself in below conditions then go ahead and seek medical attention immediately.
1) bleeding is severe
2) you are suspecting internal bleeding
3) bleeding is from abdominal or chest wound
4) blood spurs out of the wound
5) it has been 10 minutes since the bleeding started but have not stopped

How to stop bleeding fingertip cut off home remedies

How to stop bleeding fingertip cut off home remedies

  1. Apply direct pressure on it with a clean cloth or tissue or cotton. If the bleeding is too much that the cloth or cotton is getting wet in blood then without removing the existing cotton apply more and put pressure on it.
  2. If the bleeding is from leg then make sure to bring your limb above the level of your heart. It will help lowering the blood pressure and will affect the blood flow.
  3. Wash your hands clean before and after doing first aid.
  4. Do not apply band-aid unless the bleeding is severe and not stopped with direct pressure.

When to consult a doctor immediately

  1. The wound is deep and the edges are open.
  2. If it is on the person’s face
  3. In case it is filled with dust or debris that will not come out
  4. The area around the wound feels numb
  5. It shows signs of infection
  6. Red streaks are around the wound
  7. If an animal or human did bit you because of which the bleeding started
  8. If it is a deep cut that you can see the inside of the body

Again, these are all purely from my personal experience and I am no doctor. Neither I have any expertise in medical supervision. Do let me know if you know and want to share any other home remedies that you know.

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