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Kidney Stone in Human Body What it is and Precautions

I wanted to make sure that we all understand what it means to have a Kidney Stone in Human Body. I recently discovered that Kidney Stone in Human Body can happen to any human. It does not come asking your permission. That being said all we humans have to be prepared. Because a Kidney Stone in Human Body can be very alarming when you hear about it the first time.

In simple words, Kidney Stones in Human Body are hard collections of salt and minerals. They usually get formed in our kidney and travel to other urinary systems. Stones normally cause symptoms like pain, nausea and trouble urinating etc. I have seen people not noticing that they are only urinating several times. But that is an effect of having kidney stones in a human body.

Kidney Stone in Human Body
Image Courtesy: urologyhealth.org

Ideally as per the doctors, a kidney stone with less than 5mm stone does not require any kind of operation. As per the guidelines issued within 5mm of Kidney Stone do not need any treatment. They used to get out of the human system automatically.

Precautions to Avoid Kidney Stone in Human Body

  • Drink minimum 4 liters of water every day without fail.
  • Drink Horse Gram water.
  • DO NOT EAT Sodium by any means avoid eating sodium. Avoid Salt by all means. (I know it will be hard but you will have to do it as it is required for your kidney health.)
  • Do not eat the below mentioned vegetables and avoid completely
    • Tomato
    • Radish
    • Cauliflower
    • Cabbage
    • Onion
    • Spinach
  • Do regular scans to assess the situation and then consult with your local urologist.

With that said I am not going to leave you with some of the medicines. Because every human body is different. I am no doctor but I am going to share with you what I got after going to several doctors. And what was recommended for a family member of mine who had got a 4.2 mm stone in his right kidney. The above precautions I mentioned are also from the doctors.

In case if you would like to further know about Kidney Stones in Human Body please refer to this article which explains everything in detail.

If it did educate you even a little bit about Kidney Stones in human body, please feel free to share this with the people who might benefit from it. Also, let me know in the comments if you would like for me to include any further information which might help you or anyone further. Or give them more idea.

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