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How to teach from home free

With the current Coronavirus situation, everything is moving to be digital. So is education. The schools all over the world have gone to a standstill situation. In such times, one option to teach from home is to be an online teacher. You still provide the same guidance and expertise to your students, you just do it from home or remotely for that matter. Since I personally am teaching in these ways I thought that I should share the details with you. So that you can use the tools available to teach from home for free.

There is a lot of technological advances that have happened to humanity over a period of time. Earlier people used to go to schools to learn and the teacher has to be available as well. Nowadays that is not required. There are a heck lot of tools available. They enable teachers and students to make education boundaryless.

how to teach from home free

Tools available to teach from home free with a video call:

  1. Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams
  2. Google Slides
  3. Google Calendar

Tools available to teach from home free without video call:

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Google websites for your own website to share with students (If you want your name on the website please contact me and I can help you with that)
  3. Google Forms for creating quizzes for your students
  4. Google Docs for live feedback
  5. Google Jamboard for virtual whiteboard
  6. Google chat for keeping in touch with all of your students

The links and all the tools mentioned above can be found below:

Should you have any difficulty in setting up any tool or the environment. Or in case you have any questions, please do reach out to me using this form and I will get back to you soon as I can.

For your use here are the details of how to set up the environment and how to start a virtual classroom in detail explained by Google:

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