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How Depression and Anxiety is killing our young generation and what to do about it

A teenage boy was rescued by the Police after he attempted suicide. He got trapped by the new fad amongst the teens – The Blue Whale Game! This game killed numerous lives and thousands of youngsters committed suicide across the globe because they could not contemplate the difference between reality and a game. The Blue Whale Game engrosses a mind so much that it becomes nearly impossible for the player to come out of the trap. This is the condition of today’s youth! A few decades ago, people would have never even imagined someone killing themselves because of a silly game! Why has this drastic change happened? What is going wrong with our young adults?

The before math

These young minds who look absolutely normal on the superficial level actually are lonely, anxious and depressed. A large number of our population suffers from Stress, Depression, and Anxiety. At a tender age, children have to take medication and deal with mental illnesses like these. The World Health Organization (WHO) states depression as one of the most disabling disorders in the world. However, it can be treated with the appropriate action. The renowned author Simon Sinek’s viral speech on the millennials had some hard-hitting points to consider. All of it may not be considered through a few rightly are accountable and state the reason why millennials i.e. our young generation behave the way they do. Why this loneliness and depression bug has bitten us so bad. Simon broadly categorizes it to parenting, technology, impatience, and the environment.

The Technology Monster:

Today, thanks to the internet and technological advancements, we have access to everything. The world has turned into a global village where we all are connected to each other. One picture you share can reach billions of people. There are more eyes to judge and more people to comment on. Our generation is obsessed with cell phones and social media. But, are we truly at fault? Isn’t social media just fantastic and makes us feel so good? Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have taught us to present our lives in the best possible way by adding all the glossy filters. We pretend to have it all even though deep down we feel utterly lonely. We tend to show our life as perfect despite being depressed. There is no real interaction, small talks, and superficial conversations. This is killing the spark in us and taking us to the lonely world of darkness. Why are ‘friendship’ services like ‘Rent a friend’ getting so popular? Because people do not have real friends to talk to and spend time with!

Then And Now:

In the 80s and 90s, children had real people surrounding them and some really good friends. They were out of the house, playing and screaming their heart out! No video games and no screens to hide behind. And yes, the best part, no social media either! Today, children get their first cell phones when they are in school! They have access to the internet and they can watch, read and do anything they want with the tiny little device which is proving to be havoc in their lives. There is no user manual, there are no instructions about right or wrong, just an open field to explore and get trapped in.

No wonder there are addictions to pornography and video games that are hampering the minds of the youth and making them depressed. Violence is something that instigates a trigger. Most of the video games are violent. Games like Blue Whale and Plague among others are spreading like wildfire among our younger generations. Earlier, there was no such access for children and youngsters to all of this and hence, their quality of life was very different. Today, it is much more difficult and competent. Now we have to watch talks and videos on ‘How to be happy and ‘how to find fulfillment in life’. Where are we heading to?

Depression and Anxiety

Is There A Solution?

Yes, there always is! It may be different for every individual but there surely is a solution. Firstly, one needs to have awareness. The awareness of a problem and acceptance of the situation. The awareness that something is not working out with me or my friend or my child. It is the first step. Depression, anxiety, and loneliness can be treated. They are just mental patterns and mental illnesses just like any other bodily illnesses. Firstly, the taboo from the word ‘depression’ must vanish. Especially from a country like ours where so many youngsters and adults even are suffering from it for years and not opening up about it because of societal pressure.

Talk about it:

Come out of the social media world and talk to real people. Interact with your parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and counselors. Find people with whom you really connect and create a bond which is a lasting one. Share it out and open up fully. Also, be ears to someone else as just like you, they need someone to hear it out too! Talking and sharing your feelings and emotions is a proven way to feel lighter and come out of the feeling of depression and loneliness.

Take help:

If there are persistent depressing thoughts and anxiety attacks, the issue might be on a deeper psychological level where expert guidance and help will work. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor and talk about how you feel and what exactly you are going through. It is absolutely normal, no taboo attached. Deepika Padukone who is an A list Indian actress who recently made it big in Hollywood as well spoke about her depression openly. It gave hope to so many youngsters who idolize her to speak about it too! Her foundation Live Love Laugh is doing an excellent job to educate and help people with depression and anxiety to overcome it on various levels.

Meditate and Relaxation Exercises:

This probably is the best possible way to root our depression from our life permanently and effectively. As studies show that there are paradoxical side effects of taking medicines like antidepressants. So, doing breathing exercises and meditation techniques are the safest and most effective ways to treat depression. Our breath and mind are connected. So, it is rightly possible to control and let go of our negative thoughts via meditation. Many types of research and studies have scientifically proven this phenomenon. Nobody teaches us to overcome our negative emotions in school or even at home. But, emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, greed, selfishness, hate come naturally to us. These are mere energies that need the right diversions and can be transformed into positivity. Give breathing exercises and meditation techniques a try and witness the blossoming in your life. No depression or anxiety will stay with you once you become a regular meditator!

Having clarity and patience is key. This darkness which is overpowering our minds can be fought or dealt with the sword of mindfulness and awareness. There is plenty of help available, you are not alone! Just open your eyes and look!

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