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Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

Now you must be seeing a lot of fake Entrepreneurs nowadays. It is good that there are entrepreneurs who are serious about their work and who wake up every day to what they love. But the thing is the people who now are coming to the entrepreneurship world they do not know what is the dark side of entrepreneurship. They all think that it is so easy to do it, and they would just have an idea, and then they would be an entrepreneur without anything else, just by having an idea. The point they are missing is Entrepreneurship is not EASY. You might hear a different opinion, but it is not. As to what Gary Vaynerchuck would say Ideas are SHIT, Execution is the game. From what I experienced so far, I know what it has been for me. So I wanted to do this quick one here just to let know the fake ones that you are in a wrong path. You should not be wasting your time if you are not aware of the dark side of Entrepreneurship.

As of today i.e. May 15, 2016, I am trying to be an entrepreneur; I am not a successful one. So you might ask that if I am not an entrepreneur how could I say the dark side of entrepreneurship if I am not one. I want to tell you that I started in 2014 and did not take Entrepreneurship seriously, and was discouraged when I did not see the results. But then I saw this video by Gary. After that, I decided that no matter what I am going to do this. To avoid any further mistakes by you, I want you to watch the video and understand the dark side of entrepreneurship from the very beginning so that you get to stick around and one day if you put in the efforts you will succeed.

If you want really to be a successful one then watch this video:

Now you understand very clearly that there is a dark side of entrepreneurship which is hard work and patience. Without these two even if you want to you can not become an entrepreneur. So here are some of the points that I would consider as the dark side of entrepreneurship.

Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship:

    • Entrepreneurs get paid last
    • Entrepreneurs are objects of mockery
    • Entrepreneurs don’t have specific working hours
    • Entrepreneurs fail more often than they succeed
    • Entrepreneurs don’t have accurate job descriptions
    • Entrepreneurs go broke for long before ever growing rich
    • Entrepreneurs attract more enemies than friends
  • Entrepreneurs make their living by giving

If anyone of these is right for you, then you are not even supposed to think about entrepreneurship.

  • Career growth means a greater-than-10% salary hike and a more impressive job title.
  • Life settlement means owning a house, having a beautiful wife (or rich husband) and two smart kids.
  • Startups are a hot topic during lunch and weekend parties only, but no one does anything to make them a reality.
  • You know how to make quick bucks by fooling people, and you think the same tactic can apply to a startup
  • The value (financial) of one month of your life is not more than one month of your salary, in your opinion
  • You seek an expert’s help to move forward in an unfamiliar work situation and are afraid of challenges.
  • You don’t try new things because statistics say that the probability of failure is 90%.
  • You dream of becoming Steve Jobs but compromise on your ideologies.
  • You know everything, and you don’t like learning from juniors or peers.
  • You only hear from CEOs because that is your primary goal of doing a startup.

Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

Do you remember the last time you took a risk — something like taking leave for two weeks for vacation without your boss’ approval? Entrepreneurship is about confronting brutal realities of life where you have to take the risk on a daily basis. Always remember that:

  • Entrepreneurship is for brave hearts.
  • You have to be mentally strong.
  • You won’t raise money overnight.
  • Your co-founders may leave you mid-way.
  • Your potential investors may ditch you after promising to fund.
  • Going near cashless becomes routine (be prepared for inconsistent income).
  • You know it’s not an easy journey.
  • You have to bear a lot of pain.

It is scary to leave your job and follow your passion. I hear success stories of startups, but no one tells how many failures are buried under that success. I wanted to do this as a fellow hustler to let know about the dark side of entrepreneurship. I believe you should pass this message on to your circle. Wish you all the very best for your success.

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