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Problem with Feminism: The Dark Side of It That No One Talks About

“Who runs the world?”

The lyrics from the famous song by Beyoncé were catchy and on everyone’s lips back in 2011. But the words go deeper in meaning than just being a fad at that time. The song is a dedication to women underlining the power and importance of women.

Beyoncé is one of the few celebrities who has been a forerunner in advocating feminism. The Top off singer has always been vocal about her views on the need for equal rights for men and women and has been inculcating them in her songs and tours. But she isn’t the only feminist we know about. A string of famous personas like Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, Angelina Jolie, Daniel Radcliffe, Will Smith and many more have also stood up for feminism and feminist rights.

What Does Feminism Mean?

Problem with Feminism

Feminism is a quest to obtain and achieve the belief of equal social, political and economic rights of both the sexes. The various political and social movements aim to create educational and professional opportunities for women at par with those available to men.

Things That Are Wrong with Feminism

Beginning in Great Britain and The United States in the nineteenth century, Feminism and feministic movements have developed and shaped different ideologies and aims. While some feministic movements have garnered widespread support, others have been criticized on various grounds.

  • Double Standards: Women and feminists around the world cry out loud for equal opportunities and equal treatment for women but also claim reservations for them. Be it in the educational sector, public organization or even a seat in the local transportation; they demand special treatment and reservations.

How do women misuse the concept of feminism?

A woman can abuse a man, but if a man does the same, it is anti-feminism. If equality is what feminism is asking for, shouldn’t both the cases be unacceptable?

  • Aggressive Opposition to Anti-Feminism: Feminists are often considered intolerant to the opposing views. Whoever or whatever idea put forth is even a little variant of their own ideologies is brutally shot down and branded as anti-feministic or anti-equality.

Problem with Feminism

The increasing awareness and trend of feminism have also given rise to a negative radical race of feminists called feminazi. Anything which doesn’t adhere to their way of thinking is termed as sexist by them. Take for an instance; if a woman expects a guy to cook for her; it is called equality.  But vice versa is considered sexist.

  • Fidelity in Ideas: While feminists want better support and greater respect in the name of equality, they also demand more respect on the grounds of being the fairer sex. For instance, women want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with men in every field, but they still expect a certain degree of relaxation regarding workload and working hours, because they are females.
  • Clubbing All the Males in One Group: While women wish to be recognized individually for their unique personalities, contrarily, they brand all men the same. Women hate getting judged, but if a guy ill-treats them, they spare no time in declaring the whole male-kind as the same.

Problem with Feminism

  • Selective Usage of Feminism: Pseudo-feminists often use these. Feminists claim equality in everything but how many of them are ready to pay when they hang out with their male friends, boyfriends or husbands?

Problem with Feminism

It is called chivalry when a man opens the car door for a woman or holds open a door for a woman and carries her bags. But how many women have anyone seen doing the same for men?

While women demand equality in everything but they still expect guys take the initiative in anything related to them. They like each other, BUT the guy should confess first, he should present the marriage proposal, and even in an argument, he is expected to apologize even if he is not at fault.

Problem with Feminism

These selective usages of Feminism are justified by the feminists as elegance. But does holding the door open for men or accepting their faults first makes a woman unequal to men? Can it mean that men are trying to demean women or looking down at them?

Why is chivalry only associated with men? Why can’t women be expected to be chivalrous towards men?

  • Misuse of The Concept of Feminism: This is the dark side of feminism. Undoubtedly, eve-teasers, sexual offenders or people involved in domestic violence should be brought before the law and punished for their offences. However, many times, innocent guys get framed or beaten by the public in the spur of the moment.

While violence against women is unacceptable, the vice versa is treated as a courageous act. Moreover, these girls are often hailed as heroes and role models.

With more number of women protection laws getting enacted, the domestic violence cases have taken the negative trend, and it is good. But with the decrease in these types of cases, another type of cases is on the rise- false accusations against men for violence and rape. The pseudo-feminists are misusing the laws meant to safeguard them. In fact, they are using it as a weapon. There are so many men behind the bars who have been innocent but wrongly charged for wrongdoings they didn’t even commit. If there are laws protecting women against injustice, why aren’t there safeguarding laws for men too?

Problem with Feminism

What Is Wrong with Feminism?

Feminism is a commendable movement to give wings to women who otherwise have been chained in the name of tradition and religion. Who can deny the courage of Noble Peace Prize awardee, Malala Yousafzai for the education of girls in Pakistan or former first lady of America, Michelle Obama’s endeavours for girls’ education through ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative? The idea of Feminism isn’t wrong, but pseudo-feminism and the misuse of feminism are.  If there are laws for protecting women from the ill-treatment, based on the concept of “Gender Equality” of feminism, there should be laws for men protecting them from false accusations and torture done under the veil of feminism. There should be mutual respect, and no gender should be considered superior to another. Only when all these are achieved, the equality will be obtained in the right sense.


Problem with Feminism

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