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Best hidden iOS 12 features

As you might be aware the new version of iOS is out and people are using the OS already. However, there are some features that you might not be aware of after the OS is installed on your machine. So here are Best hidden iOS 12 features that you might not be aware of.

Notification Control – One of the Best Hidden iOS 12 features

When this would have been installed you would not notice what changed. What you can do here is when your notification comes up in the lock screen. You can go ahead and change the way it appears. From particular apps, you can manage it to turn it off completely and you can choose to delivery the app notification quietly. Another thing is that you can have the notification grouped for particular apps. Earlier it used to show all the apps notifications separately. However, now it will show them grouped. Like all Instagram notifications at one and Facebook notifications at one. You can change it in Settings > Notifications.

Use Measure – Another one of the Best Hidden iOS 12 Features

As the name Measure is showing that it is to measure distance. The new app from Apple is to measure the distance from one place to another. This app by Apple uses AI to check for the things and then shows the details. AI and AR play a vital role for this app to work.

Automatic Location Sharing – Another one Best Hidden iOS 12 Features

This may be another feature that only works in the US. As you might be aware that in iPhone when you are having an emergency the phone dials 911. However, this feature ensures that the location of yours is also shared with the authorities automatically. Thereby ensuring that in case of emergency you would not have to share your location manually. Thereby ensuring you will get faster service.

Third Party App Support in Apple Car Play

This is another feature of Apple car play. And with the recent upgrade, Apple allows Google Maps to be integrated with Car play. Earlier it used to be Apple Maps only but now with the upgrade it allows Google Maps to be integrated which is amazing because of the nature of work for Google Maps.

DND for the Apps

This is another one of the best iOS hidden iOS 12 features. What you can do here is when you have this enabled your applications is not going to work. It will be locked when your DND is active on your phone. I found this to be most useful when you want to control your apps usage. Once DND is activated for this it will be locked and you will not be able to use the app unless you provide a password. It is the same settings which you can activate your DND with. Check it out you will feel amazing that Apple included this for productiveness purpose.

These are the basic ones that I could find, which ones are you using. Let us know in the comments below. Which ones you would want to see in further updates, let us know in the comments as well. Enjoy the features.

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