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If you promote your book over a blog, will anyone read it?

I am an avid writer in Quora and one of the readers asked me this question. She had a book and she wanted to promote her book over a blog. Now the question is whether or not people are going to read it. I was going to write the answer in Quora in detail. But then thought that if I write this over my blog then the answer might help for a longer period in time.

Why do people read books

Before I answered the question that my fellow Quora user asked I would like to first explain why do people read books. There could be 100 reasons one reads a book. Gaining knowledge is primarily the one that most people would agree to. But did you know that psychologically if you try to understand there are some or rather a few fundamental reasons why people choose to read books? I did some digging into some of the psychological reasons and here is what I found.

  • Reading books reduces Stress
  • Improves your knowledge and vocabulary and understanding of different languages and figure of speech
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Makes you less prone to become angry often
  • Fights depression
  • Prevents cognitive decline as you age
  • Prepares you for a Good Night’s rest

Along with these benefits, there are several more but these are all I could personally relate to. We now understood why people read books. Now the question is more on the side of promoting a book. Or making sure that people read the book. The question to me was, If you promote your book over a blog, will anyone read it? My short answer to that is of course people will read it.

If you promote your book over a blog, will anyone read it?
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Answer If you promote your book over a blog, will anyone read it?

Like I said, of course, people will read it. The problem is not with the blog or the book but the problem will be the timing. Publishing blog posts is an art. And if your timing is not right, then no matter what you do you will always end up not being able to get many readers. With that said, I also would like to highlight that it is not the blog post or the book that is going to help you gain more readers. It is the context and when you publish your blog or when you do the content marketing for your book that is going to matter.

There are times when your potential readers might be sleeping and if you publish or promote your book using the blog that publishes during that time, then it is not only going to drown the numbers. But it will also not help you in the long run to gain more and more followers. You will first have to analyze a couple of things. Those are:

  • When is your potential reader most active
  • Which day you are most likely to gain more and more readers
  • Which region of the world you have your readers
  • What time does your book or content more relate to the readers

With all these considerations when you come to a conclusion, in this adblocking world you will definitely find people eager to read blogs. As it does not go anywhere unlike most social media posts and it also helps in marketing the content for the long term. Let me know what do you think in the comments section and I would love to incorporate if you have a different thought in this context.

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