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7 Must Read Books for Effective Personality Development

To those who are avid book readers, the books serve as a way of life. There are various instances in life where people claim the reason for their lives changing by reading inspirational books. Books can indeed be our best friends and a guide to life. There are several life-enlightenment books out there which might even take a lifetime to read thoroughly. The point is not reading all the possible motivational books out there. The thing is about learning the important life lessons through one single book and living up to it. If you are feeling low or high – whatever life throws at you, the books are going to be there to guide you and inspire you at all times. Here’s our list of some of the top must-read books that can shape your personality and can be a life-changer in an affirmative manner.

  1. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen. R. Covey: The author shares the top seven habits of the people who have become successful by adopting a certain way of life. He stresses the fact that an individual should undergo a fundamental change in the personality and the way one perceives the world. This book can serve as a guide with several practices to go through several stages of life. 
  1. “Zero To One” by Blake Masters & Peter Thiel: This enlightening book is a masterpiece of several inspirational lectures that have been delivered by the leading entrepreneurs and successful tycoons of the world. You too can be inspired to lead your life in the pre-defined format on the roads of success and prosperity. The author of this book gives motivational lessons about how to succeed in life with some simple steps.
  1. Mindset” by Carol Dweck: Carol Dweck has done ample research and analysis in the field of success and personality development that can pave the path to overall development of an individual. The author emphasizes the importance of the mindset of an individual and how one can change one’s life by simply improving the thought-process.
  1. “Mindsight” by Daniel. J. Siegel: Siegel seems to make a perfect blend of psychoanalysis, meditation, and neuroscience. He calls this combination as the “Mindsight” that serves as an inspirational combination of social and emotional intelligence. If you have been suffering from any kind of personality disorder, the book unveils the best and the most reliable strategy to improve the condition of life by self-improvement. It can serve as a great book for spiritual seekers and those who wish to hone their overall personality.

7 must read books for effective personality development

  1. Feeling Good” by David D. Burns: Most of the psychologists make use of the “cognitive behavioural therapy” as the most effective strategy to have a detrimental effect on life and overall personality. If you wish to develop as a confident and reputed person then the secret lies in the mood upliftment and therapy. Therefore, you can take help from this book to improve the overall mood and temperament of an individual that can automatically reflect in one’s personality.
  1. The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell: This book states the universal truth “emotion is contagious”. The book focuses on the central notion of the world about what is the thing that actually attracts the attention of the people worldwide. This book can help individuals in a universal manner by helping those who need some piece of motivation and guidance in life.
  1. “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck: If you wish to take the road of the old and classic ways to self-improvement, then this is the perfect inspiring book for you. This is a great book for anyone who wishes to improve the condition of one’s life with the help of effective personality development.

These are some of the top books in the list of the inspirational and life-changing books that can transform you as an individual completely. Therefore, if you are treading on the path of self-enlightenment and personality development, then you must include these must-read books in your collection. Books can be the best forms of investment and can keep motivating you in the affirmative sense to improve your life for good.

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