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5 Reasons A Blogger Should Use Hemingway app editor

The statement “Content is king” is 100% correct. A blog’s success depends on content. A blogger needs unique and fresh content to compete in the market. The competition does not end by producing a unique and plagiarism free article. It is also necessary to write user-friendly content. Now, I bet you are thinking about, how to make content user-friendly? What’s the use of writing user-friendly content? How to check content friendliness? Hemingway app is the answer to all your queries. Hemingway app is the perfect tool to make content user-friendly. This tool is a blessing to all bloggers to expand their worth via blogging. I am going to share five reasons a blogger should use Hemingway App editor before publishing content on the internet.

Here are Five Reasons A Blogger Should Use Hemingway app editor:-

Reasons A Blogger Should Use Hemingway app editor

Make your content readable

8-10 words sentences are easy to read and understand while 12-15 words sentences are 80% readable. Many bloggers use some complex sentences with 18+ average word counts. It makes sentences harder to read. They even prefer lengthy paragraphs. Users dislike long sections. No one loves to read the text in complex ways.
You can enhance your content readability score by using the editor. Open Hemingway app editor and paste the content inside it. The editor will check sentence length, paragraph size, adverbs, passive voice, etc. You can modify your sentence length in the editor. Shorten your sentences and paragraphs. Rewrite passive voice into active voice. Active voice is 2x easier to understand than passive voice.

Make your content searchable

Content readability is an essential factor in SEO. Google covers 95% search market in the internet world. Google shares content to every age group. Parents, kids, grandparents, and youth all access it for relevancy. Its smart algorithm works to feed quality content to the customers. The algorithm focuses on numerous factors including content quality. The better the readability score, the higher your web page appear in the search results.
Many bloggers find their WebPages on the 2nd page of Google because of the harder reading score. It doesn’t mean that their content quality is poor. They have excellent content quality but have a difficult reading score.
There’s no other better option available other than Hemingway app to make content searchable. Test your content before integrating to your website. Check your content, modify it, and enjoy good search results.

Drive better engagement to your blog

If content is readable, readers will read it. Any entertaining content drives better engagement with the user. Your readers will spend more time on your website. Many readers will finish your article from starting point to the conclusion. It will lower the bounce rate. Search engines also keep a record of time duration and bounce rate for future reference.

Enjoy organic social media shares

A useless content with proper structure and excellent readability score will always be useless. It will never get organic shares and likes on social media.
It is necessary for a blogger to deliver a clear message to the reader. It is possible when the content is easy to read and understand. When users understand the importance of the article, they love to share it with their groups.
The use of Hemingway app editor will help you to deliver the message to the reader. So, the editor can be utilized as a useful tool to generate organic shares on social media.

It’s free to use

The editor does not charge a single penny to use it. Use the editor as a tool to sharpen your writing skills. Access this online application without registration.
Tip: – This editor helps users to improve content readability score. You should use Grammarly to check grammar and spelling mistakes. The combination of both editors will enhance your English writing skills.

Now that I have shared my views about Reasons A Blogger Should Use Hemingway app editor let me know what do you think about this editor in the comments below and I would love to know your thoughts. If you have any better idea, then do let know, and I will update the post accordingly.

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