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Best personal finance apps in 2022

Personal finance is financial management. In this an individual or a family unit performs to budget, save and spend monetary resources over time. They also do take in to account various financial risks and future events. Personal finance is such an important topic. And we need to put more focus on it when times like these hit us. Therefore, as I do the same I am going to share my personal favorite. I am going to share the best personal finance apps in 2022 that you can use and fix, plan your finances accordingly.

Best Personal FInance Apps

The aspect of personal finance that matters the most is how you manage your money. Not the ones that you get monthly. Or from your business. But the ones that you are going to keep. You see, getting daily wage or monthly payment or getting paid for your service is not much different. They all are the same essentially. At the core, you get some amount and then how you spend it and how you save it is the key.

Practice that everyone should follow in the 21st century

This is such an important practice that everyone should follow. From my childhood, my mother had always told me to do this. What was told was for me to always write and keep track of my spendings. No matter how small or silly it might sound. You should always keep track of all your spendings. Since then, I have had a practice of saving the details of the tiniest expenses that I had made. And at the month-end, for the family as well as personal expenses would be added and finalized.

The reason why this is such a great practice is. By doing this you not only will get hold of the space where you spend your money less or more. You will also get the details where you can cut down your expenses. You would not believe, I was spending 2999 INR at one point monthly for mobile data and phone calls. Whereas that was completely unnecessary. It is by doing this activity of tracking the details of expenses how I figured out where to cut down the expenses. And then I managed to cut that off. Keeping that in mind I am going to share my personal favorite apps that you can use to keep track of your earnings and expenses.

Best personal finance apps in India in 2022

  1. Spending App for both in Android and iOS
  2. Splitwise App for both in Android and iOS
  3. Loan Calculator App
  4. Debt Manager App

Spending App:

Spending is an app both in Android and iOS that you can use to keep track of your incoming and outgoing finances. This is my personal favorite best personal finance app. You can count on it to track and get reports and everything. Here are the features that the developers say.

Best personal finance app in this year
Snap has taken from developer’s details in the iOS app store

The other ones that I had shared i.e. Number 3 and Number 4 in the list above are from the same developer M.H. Riley. They do have a bundle if you want to go for the premium plan. The difference between premium and the normal app would be only the app would have ads showing.

Here are the links to the app to download and use.

Splitwise App:

This app is not going to save you money. But this will also help you to get your spending money on a periodic basis. You know the time when you go out with friends and have a couple of beers or go to any restaurant to eat something. But then someone in the group pays for everyone. Sometimes, that guy is you and then you forget how much you paid and how much everyone owes you. But having this app handy on your phone it is going to be a cakewalk. Not only for friends, I even use this to manage my personal home finances. How much I am paying and how much should be shared etc.

The links to download the app is already available on the website. And you can always download and sign up using your Google account or Facebook. They also have a pro version but unless you are staying within a people of maybe 10 then I do not personally recommend using the pro version. The normal one would suffice your needs. These are my best personal finance apps that I suggest to use. In fact, I recommend. I use all of them personally and I suggest you should too. And eventually, within a month or two, you will start seeing results in getting your money in order too. Trust me!

Should you be using any other app that is your favorite then please do let us know in the comments below and we would love to have them included in our post as a generous contribution of yours.

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