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Top 5 Best Android browser of All Time

Here are the complete list of Top 5 Best Android browsers

There are many Android Browsers available today.Every new release claims that it is better than the other browsers.But what is the Best Android Browser?

I personally tested many of the Android Browsers and came to a conclusion about the Best Android Browser available is Dolphin Browser HD followed by Opera Mini,Boat Browser etc.

Default Browsers are always boring.In the case of Windows most of us go for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or any other Internet Browsers instead of using the default Internet explorer.
In the similar manner there are many alternatives of Android Browsers too. Through this article you will come to know about Top Android Browsers and their features so that you can select a best one from them for your purpose.

1. Dolphin Browser HD:

Features :-

  • Sonar – Using this feature you can search on Internet using voice search. This is one of the unique feature provided.
  • Gesture – This is yet another innovative feature, Through this you can Say goodbye to typing and just Open your favourite websites with just the touch of your finger tip
  • Addons – There are nearly 50 Addons available till now and still more to come. This is one among very few browsers that provide you Addons feature
  • Speed Dial – You can visit any of your favourite websites with single touch.
  • Tabbed browsing – This make your mobile browsing more easy and you can just switch to other tabs with great speed.
  • Sidebars – Make the best of mobile interface via Dolphin Sidebar.

Number of 5 star reviews :- 427,591.
Current Version :- 8.2.2.
Compatible android version :- 2.0.1 and above versions
Average rating :- 4.7.
Memory size:- 3.1 MB

5 best browsers for android
5 best browsers for android

2. Opera mini:


  • Saves data costs :- Reduce data costs by up to 90% by compressing the data.
  • Fast :- As it compresses the data it will take less time for each page to load,resulting in lightening speed.
  • Easy interface :- It provide you an easy interface so that you can access everything without any confusion.
  • Tabbed browsing – This allows you to keep multiple pages open and switch between them instantly.
  • Speed Dial – When you open an new tab all your favourite websites will be shown at once,you can access any site easily with this

Number of 5 Star reviews:- 192,837
Current version:- 7.0.3
compatible android version :- 1.5 and above version
Average rating :- 4.4
memory size:- 858 KB

3. Boat Browser:


  • Add-ons :- Add-ons always adds extra features to your browsing experience, there are few add-ons available and many on the way
  • Voice Command and Voice Search :- You can operate your browser through this voice commands.
  • Video & YouTube Video Support :- Supports AFP on Android 2.2 or above, you could watch the video in the browser as the desktop browser.
  • Colourful theme options :- You can have any colourful theme that you wish
  • Easy Download :- It also supports resume and download feature
  • Powerful Bookmarks Management :- In this you can have a bookmarks folder,sync bookmarks with few other browsers,export/import bookmarks to SD card
  • Speed dails and Tabs enabled.

Number of 5 star reviews :- 6,264
Current Version :- 3.3
compatible android version :- 2.1 and above versions
Average rating :- 4.4
memory size:- 2.0 MB

4. Sky fire:


  • Skyfire Search :- Through this interesting search feature you can search instantly on Google, Facebook, Video Surf, Twitter and more.
  • Facebook Like Button :- You need not to search for like button on any websites, using this ad it integrates a like button for every page.
  • Facebook Quick View :- This feature view keeps your Facebook page loaded in the cloud for easy, one touch access to your news feed, profile, friends, inbox, events and places an all other facebook stuff.
  • Flash Video :- Through its unique technology, it allows you to play thousands of flash videos all around the Internet.
  • Tabs enabled.

Number of 5 star review :- 81,954
Current Version :- 4.1.0
compatible Android version :- 2.0 and above versions
Average rating :- 4.3
memory size:-1.6 MB

5. Maxthon Browser:


  • Sync to the Cloud :- Your Bookmarks and favorite scan be imported/exported with desktop.
  • Private browsing  :- We (boys) always have some spicy content to browse. If you private browsing it wont be included in the browsing history.
  • Supports Theme/Skin :- This adds extra fun to your browsing experience.
  • Download Manager :- You can explore many option in downloading like sorting, scheduling etc and manage downloads.
  • Tab and Seed dials enabled :-
  • Interesting Add-ons are available.

Number of 5 star review :- 24,079
Current Version :- 2.6.6
compatible android version :- 1.6 and above versions
Average rating :- 4.7
memory size:- 2.3 MB.

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