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How to enhance Political Correctness

We all know that every time we are discussing a certain topic, we want to be the smartest person in the room. In an environment where you work, I am pretty sure you can never be honest. Every time something comes out of our mouth it has to be politically correct. Being transparent is okay but you can not necessarily be honest all the time. With that said, I am sure you know the importance of people not taking your words incorrectly. And you should also be able to communicate what you want to communicate at the same time as well. There are certain phrases that you could use that will improve the way you communicate and be impactful.

Political Correctness
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Buzzwords table to help you become more politically correct

You can use these phrases in emails you write, in the communication channels, also in documents or artefacts that you prepare. These are applicable to be used during conversations as well. I found these words and details while I was doing some research online. Here are the words that you could use. I will explain below, how you could use them more effectively.

0 – Balanced0 – Management0 – Contingency
1 – Total1 – Organization1 – Hardware/Software
2 – Integrated2 – Reciprocal2 – Projection
3 – Compatible3 – Monitored3 – Timeframe
4 – Synchronized4 – Digital4 – Concept
5 – Optimal5 – Modular5 – Programming
6 – Responsive6 – Transitional6 – Mobility
7 – Functional7 – Incremental7 – Capability
8 – Parallel8 – Third Generation8 – Flexibility
9 – Systemized9 – Policy9 – Operations

Whenever you try to phrase a sentence or document something, do think of a three-digit number. Then use, these corresponding keywords from the Buzzwords table above. That would make you sound more creative and politically correct. Do not worry if it does not make sense to you. The person on the other side of the table would be able to comprehend if you put things into perspective. Apparently, it might not mean anything to anyone either. But it will appear that you are smarter than the other people in the room, and with that understanding, they will not raise any questions or say anything.

An example phrase I found in the same context is written here for your reference. Try and phrase your sentences this way to be politically correct almost all the time.

You can propose "systemized reciprocal options (929)" to achieve "optimal transitional flexibility (568)" so that we can think of an "integrated monitored projection (232)."

Similarly, you can use the buzzwords using the 3 digit number mechanics I explained above to be politically correct almost all of the time and sound smarter. I hope this helps you in sounding more politically correct. Let me know if you use any other mechanics to be more politically correct.

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