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Google chrome tricks and secrets 15 Amazing ones you should know

Are you using Google Chrome in your personal computer? Then I suggest you should read and actually use all the below mentioned awesome killer Google chrome tricks and secrets and using these I am sure your browsing experience will be much more interesting and amazing. I do follow all these while browsing and I hope these all will help you too.

15 Amazing Google chrome tricks and secrets you should know

Chrome tip No. 1
Do you get irritated when the flash and video contents start playing up when you open up a webpage? Do you wish there were a way to keep videos and other Flash content from automatically playing when you open a page? Well guess what! There is: Just type chrome://settings/content into Chrome’s Omnibox (aka its address bar), scroll down to the section labeled “Plug-ins,” and select “Click to play.” Now, any piece of multimedia content will appear as a grayed-out box until you click to activate it.

Also let me tell you that you need to be aware that this may cause issues with certain websites; you’ll probably want to click the “Manage exceptions” button and whitelist sites that rely heavily on plug-ins to operate — YouTube, Vimeo, and Pandora, for instance — in order to avoid any funky behavior.


Chrome tip No. 2
Now here is another one, since you are using chrome from couple of days or months or years you probably know that you can drag tabs in and out of windows, but there’s also a lesser-known shortcut in the tab management family: Middle-clicking (click on the scroll button of your mouse) a tab’s title box (at the top of the browser window) will cause the tab to close.

Chrome tip No. 3
Now that we are talking about middle-clicking, this Middle-clicking has another hidden use throughout Chrome: It will cause a link to open in a new tab in the background, so you can continue working in your current tab without interruption. It’ll work with a link on a Web page as well as with an item in the drop-down list that appears when you type into the Omnibox. Is not that great!!

Chrome tip No. 4
There will be sometimes you don’t have your mouse with you or you may be using your laptop to browse internet in chrome so If you don’t like to middle-click, don’t worry: Holding down the Ctrl (or Cmd) key while left-clicking will accomplish the same feat described in tip No. 3. Holding down Shift while left-clicking, meanwhile, will open the link in a new background window instead of a tab.

Chrome tip No. 5
Here is another useful Omnibox key combo: Try pressing Alt-Enter after you type a search term or URL into the box. That’ll cause your results to open in a new tab instead of in your current tab.

Chrome tip No. 6
Now I know you might know it very well but as that we are talking about the Omnibox let me tell you this. Another feature of Omnibox is that suppose you are using the address bar to go to prabhudattasahoo.com so what you have to do is just type teckalacarte and then hit ctrl and enter, boom your website is opening now.

Chrome tip No. 7
Not a fan of Chrome’s revamped New Tab page? You’re not alone. Google recently phased out a workaround that let you switch back to the old New Tab style, but a third-party extension called New Tab Redirect can help fill the void. Once you’ve installed the extension, head into its settings and click the option to use the Apps page as your New Tab page. It’s not identical to the original New Tab setup, but it’s darn close.

Chrome tip No. 8
Here is another awesome one, when you want to move or close multiple tabs at once, hold down the Shift key and click each of their titles at the top of the browser. Thus, they’ll all be selected; you can then drag them out to a new window together, or close them all simultaneously by pressing Ctrl-W (Cmd-W on a Mac).

Chrome tip No. 9
Did you Close a tab by mistake? Press Ctrl-Shift-T (Cmd-Shift-T on a Mac) to reopen it. You can press it again and again to keep reopening old tabs in the order they were closed.

Chrome tip No. 10
You can always access your browsing history by pressing Ctrl-H, but you can also see the most recently viewed pages within any individual tab by clicking and holding the Back button at the top-left of the browser. In this way also you will be able to see the show full history link so that you can go to the full history from here as well. Also on a side note, just to let you know the middle-click and Ctrl- or Shift-click commands described in tips 3 and 4 will work there, too, if you want to open an old link in a new background tab or window.


Chrome tip No. 11
If you ever highlight text on a Web page, try right-clicking afterward. You’ll find a single-step option to search for the text — or, if the text involves a valid (but not hyperlinked) URL, to navigate to it without having to copy and paste.

Chrome tip No. 12
You can also highlight text, then drag it to the Omnibox to initiate a search or navigation in the same manner described in tip No. 11.

Chrome tip No. 13
Highlighting text and dragging it to the top-most area of the browser — next to your right-most tab — will launch a search or navigation in a new tab rather than the current one.

Chrome tip No. 14
Typing into Chrome’s Omnibox searches Google by default, but you can also use it to search most any site on the Web: All you have to do is start typing a site’s name into the box — Amazon or YouTube, for instance — then press Tab and begin typing your search term.


If a site doesn’t automatically support native Omnibox searching, you can manually add it into Chrome’s search engine list by right-clicking the Omnibox and selecting “Edit search engines.” You can also set up a custom keyword to use in place of the site’s URL, if you want.

Chrome tip No. 15
Do you know that you can actually search your Google Drive files directly from Chrome’s Omnibox: Go into the aforementioned “Edit search engines” menu and add a new search engine with the name “Google Drive” and the keyword gd (or whatever keyword you prefer).


For the URL, enter http://drive.google.com/?hl=en&tab=bo#search/%s, then click the Done button.

Now, type gd into the Omnibox, hit Tab, and search away within your own Drive files.

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