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How Care Hospitals Bhubaneswar is Harassing its patients

This is a region-specific post that is only meant for one region i.e. Bhubaneswar Odisha. This is a personal experience to share with you as to how Care Hospitals Bhubaneswar is harassing its patients. I had something to be checked and I went to their portal and booked an appointment. After booking they asked for two options in which I can choose to pay online or I can choose to pay offline. Doubting their intent as I could not see a functional portal I chose the offline payment option.

I visited Care Hospitals Bhubaneswar on 13th Mar 2024 around 3.30 PM. On the ground floor after standing in the queue for 15 to 20 minutes they asked me to generate a token in the kiosk. It was frustrating to stand there for 15 minutes without any general guidance to anyone that one has to generate a token. Either way, I informed them that I already had registered myself online and had made the appointment as well. Up on confirmation, they said that I just have to take the token and then pay the amount online. Then I went on to generate the token and token W1051 was generated.

When I came back to the front desk the person who was attending to me left the desk and again I waited. After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes my name was called. When I went to the other person then she asked me to fill out a form which is offline for the details of the patient. I told her repeatedly that I already have taken the appointment and I already have given all the details in the form online. Then she tried to explain to me how their internal system works because online form details are not captured offline when she moves it to billing. Then my ask was why is this even a process then if you can not take the data that is filled online. It is just simple copy paste if your system does not do it automatically.

Then to my surprise, she told me that “sir, you fill the form it will be easy and it will take less time.” Hearing this I got irritated as to why do I have to fill a form and then again do it online if I had to do it anyways offline. When I asked for floor manager she told me just to fill the form and asked someone to give a form to me. I denied and came back from there saying that I would bring this to online forums. I am not sure which forum does support such kind of experience but I am sure they must be doing this with several of their patients. People who are in a hurry they fill the form anyways just to get it over with. My question is why do you even have a online portal where you take appointments if one has to go there and wait in queue and run between counters and then submit a form again offline?

In my case, I am going to submit a complaint against them since they denied to connect me with their floor manager and consumer forum is my only way to get any response from them now so that no one else suffers like me. The registered complaint in consumer forum against them is 5574891.

If anyone of you have any such experience then please do share with me in the comments and I will submit a complaint against them formally. Either they have to take the online form down so that no appointments are taken online or they have to take the data online and use the same data instead of asking the patients to fill out a form when they are in pain.

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