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Fix a Smartphone Damaged by Water – DIY How to Guide by Teckalacarte

Your world might suddenly go blank when you see your phone going straight into the water. You know it deep inside your heart that something wrong will happen for sure to your dear smartphone. After all, it is a technical device. With all the complex wiring and bizarre functionalities, there are higher chances that your smartphone will be deemed useless after the “water incident”. This is the case unless you have the smart-range of waterproof phones of the current scenario. Should you not have any then this DIY guide to fix a smartphone damaged by water is for you.

Several handset makers are striving towards the development of waterproof smartphone designs. Still, several users do not have the luxury of the waterproof smartphones. The best way to preventing your smartphone from water damage is to take precautions in advance. But what if you got too late? If in any case, your phone plunges into a pool of water, then read this article. Here in this article, we have provided a detailed insight into the remedial steps to restore your phone.

Fix a Smartphone Damaged by Water

#Take Your Phone Out of Water Instantly: It is understandable that quick reaction is not expected in case of such a devastating event. However, it is highly recommended that you must snatch out your phone as soon as it falls into the pool of water. The longer your phone will be under water, the higher chances of its destruction. You must run for your precious phone –even if it is in your toilet!

Once your phone is out, you must turn it off instantly. Even if it is functioning all right, you must switch it off. This is a precautionary step to avoid any further damage to your phone.

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#Disassemble the Phone: After your phone is switched off, you can disassemble it. However, this does not imply that you have to take the phone apart by each part. You must separate only the removable parts like battery, SD cards, SIM cards, and the back cover. Then, you can lay them all on a towel or paper. This technique might help in drying out all the innate parts of the phone. You can let your phone disassembled for about half an hour. This will dry out all the inner parts of the phone as well.

#Dry Out the Exterior Well: It is essential to get rid of the excess water from the phone to restore it quickly. There could be ample amount of water accumulated in the exterior parts of the phone as well. Therefore, you must dry out each part of the phone with paper or towel properly. However, you must handle your phone quite gently to ensure no damage happens to its structure.

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#Try Out a Vacuum Cleaner: There are several minute areas on the smartphone that the paper or towel cannot reach. To suck out extra water from the intricate parts of the phone, you can try using a vacuum cleaner. You just need to ensure that you do not place the cleaner too close to your phone. Maintain a distance while extracting water from the deeper parts of the phone.

#Time for Drying: The hardest part about the “water incident” is that you must keep your phone idle for quite a long time. This is the time your phone need for drying out naturally. However, if you are keen on using it early, we have a simple trick for you. You can put your phone into a zip-lock bag filled with rice. Rice is capable of absorbing the extra water from the surroundings too quickly. This will make the phone and its environment dry easily and quite instantly.

Another option is to use the packs of “silica gel”. You might find them in electronic boxes or shoes. These two are magical absorbers of moisture and will render your phone dry out quite easily.

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Conclusion on DIY guide to Fix a Smartphone Damaged by Water

Water damage to a smartphone can be the biggest nightmare for any individual. If you take remedial steps quite instantly, then you can save yourself burning a hole in your pocket. We hope these tips might help you out in preventing your phone from excessive water damage. Otherwise, in the end, your nearest service centre is the ultimate doctor to your damaged smartphone device!

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