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The Latest Tech Trends of 2022

This year companies will make the switch towards common IT platforms so that they can respond to market changes more efficiently and effectively and moreover, by making this change, they will become more productive and will be able to make well-informed decisions. I am referring to tech trends in 2022. These common platforms are much easier to use and are rich in analytics and in addition to this, the users can constantly change the business without writing detailed codes.

Adopting Common Platforms in Tech Trends

The common platforms from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others provide more suitable and improved replacements for what used to be custom builds. Common platforms allow companies to shift their attention from infrastructure to applications and user experience, which is where all the action is. According to Dan Hushon, the CTO of DXC Technology, ‘This is about the technology you need, not the technology you make.’

Another advantage of moving to common platforms is that it frees up talent as well as working capital for other services such as providing context to customers, employees, and partners for better results.

These platforms will not only provide a foundation for improving the processes but also the telemetry and insights.

Tech Trends

The Talent Hunt for Digital Skills

Moving towards common platforms would trigger a major shift in talent, from operating computers to using multiple and enhanced skills for information integration, analytics, and governance.

These digital skills are incredibly scarce and high in-demand. Companies will be fighting over people who have digital skills in order to implement the change towards common platforms and also to drive disruptive change.

In order to increase productivity, companies will leverage team-based and distributed workplaces that use machine learning, intelligent automation and natural language and other technologies as well.

Improved Decision Making Techniques

Last year’s prediction regarding an increase in the intelligent machines came true as most of the business decision makers today are of the opinion that artificial intelligence (IA) carries crucial importance for their organization’s future success. In 2022, companies will make use of the data from their digital systems in order to quantify the business to become even more productive than before. This quantification will emerge as a primary, yet very important factor of digital transformation.

Apart from the small-scale companies, big companies will use advanced machine learning to make better decisions with fewer data. According to some sources, the best companies are over 40% more productive than their competitors and are making 30% – 50% higher operating margins. Furthermore, companies will now stop making decisions based on mere stories and gut feelings and will start making rational decisions that are based on experiments, measured results, and facts.

Fighting Against the Attacks and Threats

Security is considered to be a very crucial factor and companies nowadays are working towards improving their security systems by focusing more on their flexibility in order to withstand the attacks and threats that are bound to happen. The main objective for companies is not just to survive these attacks and threats but to get stronger by practicing and responding back. Enterprises must work hard to become more flexible than before in order to bounce back whenever they face an attack.

Benefits of Digital Capabilities including what is in the Tech Trends

The digital core will provide companies with detailed information and foundation so that companies can grow by leveraging that information and extend their digital capabilities into every aspect of the organization as well as new markets and new businesses.

Amazon is an example of such a company, they grew from being an online bookseller to an online everything seller. This is not because the company is greedy and wants to put its foot into every market but because the company has the ability to perform better in such areas of the market and are doing better than most companies in the United States because of its digital capabilities. GE’s big plans for the industrial internet of things and its Predix platform can also be taken as another example of the digital business extension.

In order to make the perfect digital extensions, companies need to create a strategic backflow from digital capabilities to corporate strategy and this backflow should be embedded in the strategic planning of the company and must be executed at the right time with good planning.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will determine the long-term winners and losers for all the technological trends. In the past, companies were not correctly utilizing artificial intelligence, but today, with more information and transparency, companies are using artificial intelligence for continuous learning and productivity.

One huge strength of artificial intelligence is the internet of things (IoT) as it helps to generate a lot of information for companies that can use and make the necessary changes in order to grow and face the challenges that lie ahead of them.

The 5G Technology

Many companies are investing in 5G technology which is set to emerge very soon in the market. The 5G technology will be much faster than 4G and will allow for greater productivity across all capable devices. However, 5G technology might cost more to implement but companies are still looking for opportunities to get their hands on this latest technology as soon as they can. 5G technology is expected to provide Internet connections at least 40 times faster and with at least four times more coverage worldwide than the current standard, known as 4G LTE.

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