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Let Go by Pat Flynn Review by Prabhudatta Sahoo

It does not matter whether you are already a successful entrepreneur or you are starting your entrepreneurship career you need the inspiration to move forward. Every day, every moment you go through a lot of challenges but coming over and standing tall above all of it is what entrepreneurship is all about. And when it comes to that nobody can better explain and be an example but Pat Flynn. If you have been around for some time, then you know Pat Flynn. What I am talking about is a book that Pat wrote. In fact, Pat’s first book i.e. Let Go by Pat Flynn. I just read this book and wanted to do a quick Let Go by Pat Flynn review of the E-Book. This book is available only in E-Book version, and you can go and buy it from Amazon here. http://amzn.to/1WiOwmz

Let Go by Pat Flynn review

If you do not know Pat, he is a very successful person in Entrepreneurship world, and his blog is www.smartpassiveincome.com He has an amazing podcast where he answers all the questions of all the bloggers around the world and with that also he sends a T-Shirt to the people who are featured on the show. I was featured twice on his show and you can listen to all the episodes in iTunes podcast, SoundCloud or Stitcher or you can listen on the webpage itself at www.askpat.com. I was featured on Episode 463 and 494 of Ask Pat. If you would like to ask a question you can also ask the question right there on that page.

Before we proceed for Let Go by Pat Flynn review of the book here is the trailer of the E-Book by Pat:

About the Let Go book, that’s Pat’s first E-Book and In this book Pat has also given some bonus contents of what his time was like, some interviews also are there which will relate to yourself. Starting from 2005 until today whatever has happened Pat has explained all those things in just one book. The book you can say is Pat’s entrepreneurial career so far, and it does not matter how long the book is because the book is the truth and every one of us go through those things while starting out. Especially when we are starting out.

Let Go by Pat Flynn Review

What I have always liked about Pat is him being totally transparent with his readers and followers and in this book also I found the same thing happening. It is so awesome to be able to relate the things when you read something, and I am sure you will feel amazed to know how he could overcome all the issues that he had and then finally made up his mind to start the journey after he was laid off.

This is what Pat has to say about Dedication:

[highlight]”The best and worst things that happen in life are usually the things that happen unplanned. There are miracles, and there are misfortunes. Big breaks and big let downs. We remember those single moments in life like scenes from a movie we didn’t expect. But how we react and live life after those moments is what shapes who we become.” — Pat Flynn[/highlight]

Other things I loved about the book is there are bonus content and videos which you can always go through, and that makes the book even amazing. And the one thing that I did not like about the book is it finished early. I finished the book just in my commute way, and it was like in some minutes it got finished. I wish he could have written more about himself and the journey.

If Pat ever gets to read this, not sure he will be mad but that is an honest thought of what I felt about the book. And here is a video that I created as a thank you for the great book and if you have not read the book already, this is a must watch for you. Stick to the last of the video to have a glance of the inside of the E-Book.


Here is what people say about the book, so do not wait and go ahead and buy it right now.

Pat Flynn’s new book Let Go is a must read for anyone new or old to the information marketing business or anyone who wants more out of life than they’re currently experiencing.

-Joshua Sprague

#letgobook by @patflynn is a glorious rampage of the entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to experience success in your life, read it…

-Chris Ducker

Buy it now here. http://amzn.to/1WiOwmz

Lastly Here is the Blooper of the book Let Go by Pat Flynn:

Pat also has a new book launched recently to test your business idea if it will succeed or not and the Book name is

Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

You can use this book to see whether or not your business idea is worth investing your time or not. It has some wonderful guides that Pat has decided to include in this, and it helps you to get started and do something about your business idea. If you want to test your business idea and willing to know whether or not it will work or not then do not forget to buy the book and get your business idea tested. The book you can buy from Amazon using this link. http://j.mp/WillItFlyBook.

Kindly note that the above link is an affiliated link and if you buy the book using this link, I will get a small amount as commission from Amazon. Thank you very much for your support. Let me know what you think! Cheers!

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