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How to install WordPress on Windows Machine using WAMP Server

Since you are here reading this article, I am sure you know what WordPress is. And the importance of WordPress in a niche like creating websites or blogs. In some cases, you need WordPress to be available on your local machine. Just to test changing things here and there. That way making sure that the changes you are making are actually making your site more useful to the users and readers. Keeping that in mind I am sharing the latest and easiest method to do this. I am going to be explaining How to install WordPress on Windows Machine using WAMP Server.

How to install WordPress on Windows Machine using WAMP Server

Typically WordPress is installed on a server, and you access it through your domain. In this case, since you are starting you need to configure certain things. Like how your site will look like. How will be the design of your blog etc.? Which is why you need to set up WordPress on your machine to do everything on your local system. And then you can transfer to the host server where you will host your site. This article is mainly on how you can do it on a windows machine.

WAMP Server:

Wamp Server is a server that is typically used to host PHP sites. Installing WAMP server also takes care of your database, PHP installation as well. You can install WAMP server from this URL. WAMP Installation: www.wampserver.com/en/. You can go to start using WAMP server. Once you click on the particular version of the tool, you will see a pop up like the below.

Install WordPress on Windows machine using WAMP Server

If you see the above image, I have highlighted one link. That link will take you to Microsoft site where you will have to download C++ version update. Note that it is crucial to have the C++ version update installed on your system. It helps WAMP to run correctly in your system.

Install WordPress on Windows machine using WAMP Server

Once you install this software patch in your system make sure to restart once. After the restart goes back to the previous page and hit the link that says Download Directly. It will take you to Sourceforge website, and WAMP server will start to download after 5 seconds. Let the download completely. Once downloaded then install the software regularly with the usual process.

Folder structure of WAMP server for Windows machine

At one point it will ask you the folder on which you want to install WAMP. It is always a good idea to install WAMP in a folder that you have created in your system. If you have not then let it install inside Program Files. That is fine as long as you have full access to the folder. Give the folder name as appropriate in your case and install WAMP server in that folder. Once the installation is complete, you will see the folder structure as for how it is shown below.

Install WordPress on Windows machine

Once you are in this folder be assured that the installation for WAMP server is complete. In this folder www is the folder where the magic happens. Whatever you want to put you can put inside www folder, and that will be your site. You can access the site inside the www folder from your browser as well. By this time you should also see an icon on your desktop which will say WAMP server, and you can double click and start it. After which you will be able to access WAMP from notification area of your computer.

How to start and start accessing WAMP in local machine

As I mentioned above the desktop icon is available for you to start the WAMP server. Once you launch the icon, you should see a small icon of WAMP in your notification bar. There are three statuses of the notification.

  • Red: Meaning WAMP server is not up. Or some service of it is being affected. So it is not running as it should.
  • Orange: It is running as it should. But might affect some of the features.
  • Green: All systems green. Ready to go for whatever you want.

There are some steps that you need to take. If you see any of the first two colors in WAMP, then you will have to. If it is Red or Orange, then you will have to single click on the icon and restart all the services. Note that when you start the server, it will take some time. And if you are starting the server now and restarting all the services that are not right. You need to have some patience and allow the server to do its job. If even after that the color does not turn green then try these options. Once it is green, then you know all the services are running fine.


Localhost and www directory configuration

On the top, you should see Localhost, and that is where you should go next. Once you are on that page, you will see all kinds of weird stuff but not to worry those are the configurations. You do not need to change anything from them. Next stop is the www directory, and that is where you will have to install WordPress and configure your site. Single click on the WAMP server icon in your notification area and click on the www directory. You will be going to the www directory which we saw previously. This directory will be containing your website. WordPress files in this case.

Install WordPress on Windows machine using WAMP Server: How To

You will have to download WordPress setup and files from WordPress website. Once you have the zip, you will have to unzip it inside the www folder. Ideally you should give your project a name. So you can create a folder inside www folder in the name of you project. Inside that folder unzipping wordpress zip is always a good idea. That is how WordPress will be installed. After the unzip below is how you should see the folder. In my case I have given my project name as amazing. So I have unzipped inside amazing folder inside www directory.

Install WordPress on Windows machine

Once you see this WordPress installation is complete as well. Now you can access your site with localhost from WAMP. In my case my URL is : http://localhost:8080/amazing/ When you first time configure it is going to ask you for database and site title and other details. You will have to give those details to successfully complete the installation.

WordPress Installation

That is all that is needed for installing WordPress in your local machine. After these steps you will be good to go. For detailed steps you can follow the tutorial I had created. Below is the tutorial with detailed steps to install and use WAMP in your local machine.

If you have any questions or facing any issue in how to Install WordPress on Windows machine using WAMP Server then feel free to contact me below in the comments and I will be happy to help. If you are following any different method then you can share that as well. I will include that in the article.

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