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How to take a screenshot in Mac OS

I have been a MAC user for about 4 years now. Once I switched I never looked back to Windows. Taking a screenshot is a basic task that every computer user mostly does. Until now, I was not sure how to take a screenshot in Mac OS. I used to use other software like Snagit by TechSmith to capture my screenshots. Snagit not only helps you to take screenshots, but you can also edit the image up to some extent. And you can add arrows and indications etc on the same app as well.

But, most of the items I need a Snipping Tool like a tool just so that I can have the screenshot of the only area I need but not the entire screen. The snipping tool in windows does just that when you use it on any Windows platform. It has 4 types of snip in the new version on Windows 10 that you can take and it is more useful than ever.

Snipping tool in Mac
Snipping tool options in Windows OS now

I always wanted a similar configuration and a similar tool that I can use on my Mac. To my surprise, there has always been a Snipping tool available for the Mac users, right from start. But I only got to know about it now.

How to take a screenshot in Mac OS

On your mac hit Command + Shift + 4 and snipping tool would open with a binocular vision like a symbol to select which area you would like to select. Once you select the area selecting the trackpad you would see the image opening in another window, where you can actually edit the image and make an impression or create any arrow as such on it.

how to take a screenshot in MAC

Once done, you can save the same in your library. Or you can click on Command and S which will save the image to your library automatically. There also is an option on the Snipping tool for Mac screen where you can click on Done and it would save the image to your library.

Hopefully! this answers your query and helps you if you are also searching for the answer like I was.

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