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How Did How to Enable Parental Control On Android Become the Best? Find Out.

Just like ‘Lollipop’ is a favourite among children, the Android OS with this name has also managed to become a hit among Android users globally. The considerable difference between Kitkat OS features and Lollipop OS features has made smart users take notice of this latest Android Operating System.

There is a popular quote “Thank God, we enjoyed our childhood before technology took over!” going rounds on the social media these days. It is quite true as today’s kids know Lollipop as an Android OS and not the other one that we grew up eating. However, the advancement of technology has helped with better controls being invented. For example, with Android 4.2, we had the provisions of restricted user accounts on tablets. This has proved to be a great relief for parents when handing over tablets to kids for play or watching cartoons or may be playing games.

How to Enable Parental Control On Android

Lollipop has been accompanied with significant features like multiple user profiles including the guest account option. In this article, we shall understand how to manage parental control using Android Lollipop’s restricted user account for tablets or guest user profile for smartphone.

How to Enable Parental Control On Android Lollipop In Smartphones

Under category part, you now have the basic Users settings option for smartphones with the latest Android Lollipop version which makes the task a bit more easier when you want to enable parental control on Android Lollipop the advanced and latest version of Android. Once the “Users” settings is opened, you can view two accounts: Simple User Account (i.e. your own account) and Guest Account.

The Guest profile option is disposable or may be making the term a bit more easier to understand I should say that it can be reset easily i.e. once someone uses your phone through that account and comes back again next time, all settings will be reset. This has specifically being made available in Android 5.0 to allow smartphone users to share their phones with anyone without having to worry about their smartphone private data or settings being accessed.

So, next time someone asks your phone to make a quick phone call, you can simply switch ON the guest account and activate the option “Allow phone calls” from the Settings part of this profile. You can be rest assured that your guest won’t have access to your phone contacts. Is not that great! 🙂

How to Enable Parental Control On Android

Now, this Android guest profile feature can easily be used for children when they want to play games on your smartphone or may be try the new drawing app. For kids, you can keep the option “Allow phone calls” disabled. Additionally, it is easier for you to switch between accounts when your kid is done playing games by simply tapping the round icon with human touch, visible at the top right-corner. It is the best alternative for parental controls in your Android Lollipop smartphone. Again nothing in this world is just perfect so the only minor glitch could be that you may not be able to provide access to certain kids apps installed in your account. But, the flexibility to enable or remove the guest mode as desired is a great option to have.

In case, you want to create a non-disposable account for your kid, then, you also have the option to ‘Add user’ from the initial screen of Users settings. You simply have to add a name for the user and indicate if the user will be using Google Account to access Google Play Store. That is all and you are done.

How to Enable Parental Control On Android


Even through this account, you can keep the option “Allow phone calls and SMS” deactivated. Through this simple user profile, you can manage to execute good parental control and allow your kids to access the same apps / games when they use your phone (since these accounts do not reset like the guest ones).

How to Enable Parental Control On Android Lollipop In Tablets

In case of tablets with Android 5.0 Lollipop, there is a very useful feature for all parents. They get the option to create restricted user profiles by a simple tap of the button “Add user or profile” from Users settings. Once you click this, you get two options: to create a simple ‘user’ account (where user has his / her own apps and content) or a ‘restricted profile’ account (where you can restrict access to apps and content in your account).

Once the ‘restricted profile’ option is selected, you can view a list of apps installed on your phone and all of them are disabled by default. You can choose to activate any of these apps as per your kids usage requirements. Also, Play Store will be viewable through this profile, but, your kid won’t be able to do anything with it..

The same thing applies for Settings i.e. your kid can access Settings through restricted user account, but won’t be able to change anything.

How to Enable Parental Control On Android

In simple words, this restricted profile behaviour for tablets will be almost similar to the guest account behaviour in case of smartphones. The only difference being, restricted profile is not disposable and you can provide access to certain kids apps or games through this account.

Please share your thoughts and experience of implementing parental controls on smart devices. Have you tried anything similar for your Android tablet or smartphone? Kindly let me know with your comments below. Let also know if you have faced any issues lately with this. Cheers!

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