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Best free antivirus for iPhone

Best Free Antivirus App for iPhone

Data is the new fuel. You might have heard this already. But do you know that the new fuel needs new security? Of course, you do! No one wants their data to be stolen. It is now more necessary than ever to have some security around their devices where they keep any kind of data.

Networking during Pandemic

Networking during Pandemic

It is unclear how the world will look or be when this is all behind us. The Corona Pandemic is still not done healing the world. However, what’s clear is with the possibilities that technology provides, meaningful networking can be done digitally. What I mean by meaningful networking is having to network that will help

Odisha Extends lockdown for Coronavirus till 30th April 2020

Odisha the poorest state in India has done a fantastic job to handle the novel Coronavirus effectively. The CM of the state Mr. Naveen Patnaik and other cabinet ministers of the state have decided to extend the lockdown till the 30th of April 2020. It was declared on the 09th of April that the lockdown

Facebook keen on buying 10% of Reliance Jio

Facebook interests in buying stakes in Reliance Jio

If a report in the Financial Times (paywall) is to be believed, Facebook was in discussion with Reliance Jio. They were interested in buying 10 percent of the stakes in the Indian major Telecom company. The said 10% stake was valued in billions of dollars. It is also to believed that Reliance was in separate talks with

INDIA GST Council increased GST rates for Mobiles

Goods and services tax

Nirmala Sitharaman led Finance Ministry in India has decided to increase the Goods and Services Tax on mobiles to 18 per cent. Earlier it was 12 per cent. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has decided to slash the goods and services tax on maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft to 5 per cent from 12

Depression a big demon to deal with for all of us


I was going on the bus, listening to music thinking the past things. It was like a black day of my life I left them behind and started walking forward. Most of the times I wanted not to think about those days, which came and go by ruining almost everything of my life. When I

Best personal finance apps in 2020

Best Personal FInance Apps

Personal finance is financial management. In this an individual or a family unit performs to budget, save and spend monetary resources over time. They also do take in to account various financial risks and future events. Personal finance is such an important topic. And we need to put more focus on it when times like

How to get rid of Cold or Flu naturally

how to get rid of cold or flu naturally

Wikipedia says Influenza, commonly known as “the flu“, is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. Symptoms can be mild to severe. The most common symptoms include high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle and joint pain, headache, coughing, and feeling tired. With this comes the question, how to get rid of cold or flu

The best in-ear wireless headphone for mobile

best in-ear headphone for mobile

Up until the last two years, there was no need for wireless headphones. Thanks to Apple they have created a problem. And Apple is now selling a solution that did not exist. Long story short nowadays almost everyone needs one. And with the mobile phones going into the era of not having a 3.5mm jack,

How to clean TV without marks

how to clean tv without marks

With the coronavirus around the corner, everyone is at home. And we all know while we are at home all that we do in our leisure time. That is wash things and clean things. Last night while having dinner I got a call from one of my colleagues. She was asking how to clean TV

How to teach from home free

how to teach from home free

With the current Coronavirus situation, everything is moving to be digital. So is education. The schools all over the world have gone to a standstill situation. In such times, one option to teach from home is to be an online teacher. You still provide the same guidance and expertise to your students, you just do it from home or remotely for

RBI permits 3 Months Moratorium on Loans INDIA

3 months moratorium on loans

The unprecedented circumstances due to the Coronavirus outbreak has pushed many boundaries now. Not to forget the economy is paying its price for the disruption in everything. Keeping this in mind, the Reserve Bank of India has come up with the solution to go easy. This applies both for the borrowers and the lenders. RBI

How to Boost Immunity Naturally

How to boost your immunity naturally

At this time of calamity, the only solution we have to fix this problem is Social Distancing and Washing our hands and taking care of ourselves. What does that taking care of ourselves mean? That essentially means to have your immunity boosted. So that your body has the capacity to fight the Coronavirus. Having that

How to take a screenshot in Mac OS

I have been a MAC user for about 4 years now. Once I switched I never looked back to Windows. Taking a screenshot is a basic task that every computer user mostly does. Until now, I was not sure how to take a screenshot in Mac OS. I used to use other software like Snagit

Loneliness during Self-Quarantine – How to Combat

The time we all are going through is really tricky and challenging. For all of us, we are going through a hardship. There are two kinds of people as Introverts and Extroverts. While in time like this, introverts are happy, there are extroverts who are going crazy at such time since we all have to

Top 5 places to visit in India if you are coming from abroad

Top 5 places to visit in India

India is a diverse country. In fact, it can stand to be the most diverse country with diversity in every aspect like religion, weather, languages and also landmarks. This country is rich in tradition and spirituality. One may find every hue of tradition and lifestyle throughout the country. It is a country where you can

Better Click To Tweet Plugin Review And Usage

Better Click To Tweet Plugin Review And Usage

Today I figured out that there is a plugin that we could use to include in our post. When a reader is posting if the user wants then all they have to do is click on the button, and they can click on a button, and the tweet will be posted. What I am talking