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What Jezebel should write about WhatsApp profile picture prank

We all use WhatsApp messenger to connect and interact with others communicating with them through our cell phones. Do trade of messages and a few mixed media content documents like recordings, pictures, and audio, a video for making them discover as appreciating as we found them when we saw them for the first time. We got a trick which can likewise serve as a prank to be played on your companions. The joke/trick permits you to Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture through your cell phone and I am going to tell you what do you need to do exactly to play WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank on your friend or anyone for that matter.

Disclaimer: This instructional exercise is set up for educational purposes and intended to be utilized as a trick! I’m not in charge of whatever danger you may convey to the contact, or breaching his/her security.

This is How to Play the WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank!

Yes, you got it you can change your friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture, this can be with no kind of root or hack. On the off chance that you attempt it on your friend, then keep in mind to see their look and response as it will be stunned and precious. The friend will not be ready to recognize that his/her profile picture has not been changed till somebody lets them know the change has been done.

The primary concern about the WhatsApp trick is that there is the somewhat risk of getting caught at the first spot. WhatsApp will not hang or will experience any inconvenience, and you will have the capacity to use the messenger as you were using it before performing the prank/trick.

Consequently, we are sharing this guide which will be making you understand that, “How to change profile picture of any contact in WhatsApp?” You will find that to change the profile photos of your friends in full-size view however in a thumbnail, and it will stay same. Let me elaborate it that at whatever point you’ll click on the profile photo of your friend to find in full-screen mode then the picture will be changed for that preview.

WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank

You may set that picture any awfulness or be terrifying one to play a prank with your friend by showing him or her. We are confident that this prank will be truly a good time for your friend, you are going to disturb your friend without a doubt. The changing of WhatsApp Profile picture is intriguing and enjoyable as it will be transformed from your side and you can set it as indicated by you. However, You cannot term it as a WhatsApp hack. Get to the below bit of composing to explore more about it.

You just need to change the photo spared in your memory card to the one you like, and the trick is done. So, we got it all figured out how you can change the WhatsApp profile picture of any of your WhatsApp contact.

The profile picture for your contacts get chosen as you open any of your friend picture in full size then the WhatsApp saves that image and matches it with your contact. You just need to supplant that saved image. Presently, without squandering quite a bit of your time, I would ask for you to get towards the procedure.

STEP 1 to perform WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank:
As a matter of importance, Install any best File Manager on your Android phone with a specific end goal to deal with your data efficiently which will be likewise required in this instructional exercise. The OI File Manager and ES Explorer is recommended.

STEP 2 to perform WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank:
After that, open your WhatsApp and then move towards contacts.

STEP 3 to perform WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank:
As we are going to change the profile picture, we need to save it first. Most of the times the profile photo of your friend gets saved when you open it in full screen. So, you have to tap on the Profile of your friend whose profile picture you need to change and after that tap on the Profile Picture of your friend.

STEP 4 to perform WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank:
Now you need to explore to the destination:/device/sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures using any file manager and you will move to the destination where profile pictures are saved from WhatsApp. Here you can discover and select your friend’s unique profile picture and duplicate its photo name or Phone number. Then move the first image to some other place.

STEP 5 to perform WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank:

After that duplicate any chosen picture you need to set as your friends profile picture with a resolution of 640*640 pixels. It is the standard size for any WhatsApp profile picture.

TIP: In case you can’t find anything funny, you can use the cute little monkey given above at the start of the article WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank.

STEP 6 to perform WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank:
Save this image in WhatsApp profile picture folder and change the name to your friend’s Phone number which we copied in step 3. 

If you’ve done the steps correctly, you should see something like this while opening your victim’s profile picture:

WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank

Voila! We are done with the WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank!

DO this WhatsApp Profile Picture Prank with your friends and say that there is something wrong with their WhatsApp account, or it has been hacked. They will indeed get confused on this and attempt to figure it out that what went wrong, for which the answer is – ‘Nothing!’

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