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How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone

We all love our mobile phones and they drain faster as well but do you know How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone. In any case, you would agree that it is quite frustrating to see the dying battery of the smartphones every now and then. Even with rapid advancements in the technology sector, developments in the longevity of battery life still remains an issue with the smartphones. Battery life developments have not yet kept pace with the other advances in the smartphone technology. This is the reason why several users ask this question “How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone?

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone?

There are several fixes and tweaks on your mobile device that can exhaust much of your phone battery. Are you a long-time smartphone user and daunted by the constant dying battery of your phone? If this is your story, then you can read on to know about the ways to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone. Here are our top expert suggestions:

  • Turn Off Things Not in Current Use: One of the most common reasons for the draining battery is that we tend to keep several icons active even when we don’t need them. Let us consider a situation: when you leave home, do you leave your TV, Air Conditioning and lights on? Indeed not! Then why is the same with your phone? Your smartphone too is a system that offers several functionalities to its users. However, these must be used as and when needed. You might ignore the enabled location icon, Wi-Fi icon, or the Bluetooth menu even when you are not using these. As a result, your phone’s battery has to supply continuous energy to these components. This results in the constant draining of your phone’s battery. Low battery life hampers the overall performance of your smartphone. So, the next time you take your phone in your hand, make it a point to turn off the things you are not using. This will help in saving your battery life at a considerable rate. This will also ensure optimized performance of the mobile device for a longer period of time.

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  • Shut Down Vibration: Vibration mode of the phone is normally needed at several incidents of life like at workplace or meetings. However, vibrating notifications need the spinning up of a small vibrating motor every time. This can drain a lot of battery of your smartphone. Even the slight buzzing of your phone produced by tapping the touchscreen requires some battery of your phone. Therefore, if you wish to maximize your battery life, you must aim at minimizing the jiggliness of your phone.

How to extend battery life of your Android smartphone

  • Swap Away Apps When Not in Use: App-killing apps became quite famous earlier. Several Android users used various task managers to evade the apps that exhausted the phone’s resources. However, with the Recent Apps feature, the users can swap away the apps that are not in current use. There is a popular myth that by swapping away the apps, it tends to kill them. However, this is not true. This specification only disables the apps that are not in use such that they do not consume much of the phone’s battery.
  • Make Intelligent Use of the Internet: Your Wi-Fi adapter might be utilizing a greater portion of your phone’s battery. Therefore, whenever you are not using the Internet (while sleeping), you can switch Wi-Fi off to reduce the draining of the battery of your smartphone. Most of the time, your phone is searching for open connection when the Wi-Fi option is active. This searching can drain a lot of your phone’s battery.

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  • Cut Short Animations and Background Processes: This could be another great way to handle the battery usage of your phone. The animations and the background processes too tend to consume a lot of battery resources of your phone. Therefore, by minimizing these, you can save your phone from dying out.

Conclusion: When you maximize your battery life, you tend to minimize the power usage. With a myriad of resources consuming your phone’s battery, you can learn some effective ways to minimize the draining of your smartphone battery. This will ensure the longevity of your smartphone with overall optimized performance. Say goodbye to your dying phone and ensure endless battery life to your phone!

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