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Uncharted 5: Developers Add New Protagonist?

One of the biggest productions of Naughty Dogs. Uncharted has been ruling the gaming sector ever since 2007. The first four entries of the game focused on Nathan Drake’s adventures and how he figures out the historical mysteries. The first chapter titled as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune included 3D platforming with a perspective of the third person. The protagonist of the game Drake traveled to the South American Coast in the first installment. Where he got to explore the mountains and valleys. Now in Uncharted 5 developers add new protagonist.

Uncharted 5 Developers Add New Protagonist?

The first entry in the game series was critically acclaimed. And then after two years, the second game was launched which was even more intriguing. And till now Naughty Dogs has delivered four games in the Uncharted series. Each of them is incredibly engrossing. The last and the fourth installment of the show was the final game which was developed by Naughty Dogs. As the company won’t be developing the next game in the series. So does that mean that there will be no Uncharted 5 in the making? A conclusion cannot be drawn right away. But the protagonist Nathan Drake was shown getting old in the last installment itself. The previous episode was titled as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Which itself indicated that it’s time for Nathan Drake to retire.

Uncharted 5 Developers Add New Protagonist

However, if at all the second installment is happening, then Naughty Dogs won’t end up developing it but reports state that the game developing company might involve themselves to some extent. The games developed by Naughty Dogs has most of the times been story oriented due to which it elevates one’s interest in playing the game. If at all Uncharted five happens, the players may get introduced to a new protagonist who would be none other than Nathan Drake’s daughter Cassie. And her appearance in the game is going to attract all the hardcore fans of the Uncharted series as Cassie would have all the qualities which his father has.

Uncharted 5 Details of Character

She might be much better than Nathan regarding hunting as her upbringing has been great by her father and her mother. And this might make Uncharted five another victorious installment. However, most of the people think that the fifth game in the Uncharted series will not come into existence at all while other have still kept a little hope and eagerly want to see Cassie as the new protagonist in the game.

There are no trailers regarding the Uncharted five on the internet and but as the fan following of the game series is immense, there is quite a few fan made trailer on the web by which you can understand buzz which has been surrounded by the game.

However, Naughty Dogs gained immense acknowledgment for thriving the Uncharted series which became a favorite among every gaming fanatic. And the cancellation of the release of Uncharted five may break many hearts. So let’s hope for its existence.

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