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Is Samsung Galaxy S9 Going to be Even Better Than the Galaxy S8?

Samsung will stay in the news on most occasions due to the upcoming Smartphones that are coming out in 2017. But looking at things beyond, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most-awaited Smartphones of this year. It’s quite evident that a lot of time still to go before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, the fans can rely on the fact that it will surely be an upgraded version. But, a lot will depend on how things are going on at that time. Today I am going to refer whether or not Samsung Galaxy S9 Going to be Even Better Than the Galaxy S8.

Is Samsung Galaxy S9 Going to be Even Better Than the Galaxy S8?

Galaxy S9 Possible Release Date

So let’s have a glance at the probable features that might come in Samsung Galaxy S9. Many tech experts are predicting that Galaxy S9 will beat the upcoming Galaxy S8. But before going into the features, we must take a look at the probable Samsung Galaxy S9 release date. The trend states that Samsung launches their flagship Smartphone before the end of the first half of the year. So we can expect that Samsung will release the Galaxy S9 before the end of the first half of 2018. That’s quite understandable as we are yet to get the first look of even the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Going to be Even Better Than the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S9 Possible Features Speculation

Now comes the Galaxy S9 features. It seems that Samsung will surely bring some out of the box features with this upcoming Smartphone. One of the things that the fans are expecting in the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the foldable feature. Earlier we reported that Samsung has already received a number of patents which bear model of a foldable Smartphone. So it’s interesting to watch out for the fans to wait for the news related to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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It may come in the form of a foldable Smartphone or anything like the conventional ones. If the next-gen flagship handset from Samsung turns out to be a foldable one, it will surely set a real benchmark for all the other Smartphone developing brands. It will surely make things look much better for Samsung as well. As it’s quite evident now that they are trying to make amends for the losses they have sustained because of the Note 7 fiasco.

Further more

Along with that, fans will look forward to some other things when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S9. It will inevitably run on the next generation Android operating system which is yet to come. But we can surely expect that it will be ready by the time we arrive the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Till then let’s just wait and watch things develop surrounding the next generation flagship device from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Revolution in the Making?

Lastly, we can conclude that Galaxy S9 will bring revolution in the league of Android Smartphones. Samsung has stated earlier that they are working on something huge, and they will showcase it to the world by 2018. We can surely expect that Galaxy S9 to have some of the features that are still a dream, especially for the Android users. We just need to wait and watch to experience a different level of Smartphone with Samsung S9.

Let us know in the comments below what do you think. Whether Samsung Galaxy S9 Going to be Even Better Than the Galaxy S8 or not.

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