Importance of Gamification in the world of online LMS

Every training professional has encountered a common problem with online learning i.e. ‘how to keep the learner’s engaged’. Gamification has emerged as an effective medium to help resolve this problem. The popularity and importance of gamification in the world of online LMS software is growing at a rapid pace across age groups and industry verticals.

Believe it or not, consumers spend over one billion hours every month playing mobile games. People are most often drawn to games because they are not only fun but also rewarding and give the person a sense of accomplishment (even in defeat) which inspires the one playing a game the incentive to go back and try again. And when this love for gaming is combined with learning, the end result is happy learners who don’t find training dull or boring.

Gamification defined

It is the concept of inculcating typical game-playing elements to non-game applications like Online LMS Software.

This in Online LMS Software creates an efficient way to learn where learners rehearse scenarios and experience challenges in a game-like environment.  This helps enhance knowledge retention and the likelihood of recalling the information that was learned.

At its core, gamification encourages, creates and encourages competitiveness, success, socializing, mastery and fun all while learning. Online LMS software implements gamification with the motive to make training/learning fun, which is a win-win situation both for learners and the organization.

How gamification helps learners

Gamification helps learners stay motivated, have fun, retain and recall information all at the same time. It’s true that we learn from real life experiences, tasks, problems, feedback, by observing and working with role models, peers and from formal training. The ability of online LMS Software to simulate those environments through gamification enables the student to be attentive, stay engaged and then recall the information when needed.Gamification is a better learning experience because it encourages friendly competition that is often a competition with the will of the student in online learning. The learners experience a sense of achievement because the material is not always delivered as a predictably in

Gamification is a better learning experience because it encourages friendly competition that is often a competition with the will of the student in online learning. The learners experience a sense of achievement because the material is not always delivered as a predictably in classroom environment.

Gamification defined

Online (or cloud based) LMS Software and gamification allow the material to be taught with a number of variables which makes the learning environment fun and engaging.

When a learner uses an LMS, the feedback is provided instantly which allows the learner to understand immediately the areas that need improvement.

Most organizations realize a significant performance gain when using gamification. It’s true that this way of teaching material can often prompt behavioral changes that are applied almost immediately without heavy influencers present. Yes, once a person is removed from an LMS experience they will need reinforcement and encouragement to continue but nothing that would break the usual flow of business or service.

To successfully use gamification in an LMS environment, you will need to create a compelling concept that will capture and maintain the attention of the participants while it will challenge, engage, teach and entertain the users at the same time.

The key to successfully including gamification is to maintain the ‘FUN’ factor. It is important that your students learn without feeling burdened and receive the essential foundations of what you are trying to teach or train them in.

Benefits of Gamification

The time has come to get serious about playing because, in regard to eLearning, gamification isn’t just for fun. Assuming that gamifying your eLearning courses is merely an attention grabber isn’t correct because it is much more than that.

Times have changed and students nowadays learn differently as compared to how they did in the past. Since grabbing attention is a major problem, games have become more important than ever as they are capable of making eLearning more effective and impactful.

The appropriate use of games in elearning can even make the mundane topics fun, boost participation. Here are some of its benefits –

  • It transforms ‘fear’ into ‘fun’ – Most learners associate a sense of fear with work training. This makes for a gloomy experience and hampers knowledge absorption. Gamification changes that, makes employees more productive and improve learning retention.
  • It leads to ‘want to’ rather than ‘have to’ –The pleasure-giving chemical ‘dopamine’ is released when people are made to perform tasks whose outcome they aren’t sure of. Games fit this bill because they are unpredictable, they inspire and compel learners to continue.
  • It challenges them and also a purpose of learning – One of the key benefits of gamification is that it challenges the participant which motivates them to keep moving and come back for more.

Summing up

Now that you are aware of the different reasons why Gamification should be used in eLearning, it’s time to apply it where it can bring a positive change and meet the student’s needs.

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