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Dual Camera Setup in Xiaomi Mi 6

There is a dearth of a brand like Xiaomi which has come up the ranks in the recent times. They are giving the big names in the field of technology a real run for their money. And things are going to be much tougher for the more major brands with the Xiaomi Mi 6 release date looming large. The recent news that has come up reveals that the smartphone is going to have a dual camera setup. Thanks to the sketches, and this is something that will surely make the more modern smartphone developers think again to get the better of the China-based smartphone developer. I am going to share what I know of Dual camera setup Xiaomi Mi 6.

Sketches of Dual Camera Setup Xiaomi Mi 6

Of late, few sketches of the design of the upcoming flagship handset from the house of Xiaomi has hit the headlines. And, some things do bear resemblance with the news and updates that are coming up regarding the smartphone. Which is expected to be launched very soon. In fact, if we go by the reports, Xiaomi Mi 6 Release Date has been set on April 16. But nothing has been confirmed by the developers on this which leaves the issues still undecided. When the launch date is clear, we will get to know more.

Now coming back to the sketches, we can derive some conclusions and let’s just have a look at that. The first and foremost thing that has managed to catch our attention is the dual-camera setup Xiaomi Mi 6. There are rumors which are floating around that the upcoming flagship handset from the house of Xiaomi might come with a dual-camera setup. And the sketch has made it even more prominent which makes this rumor very much a confirmation. However, it needs to be repeated that chances are there the real smartphone might not feature a dual-camera setup eventually.

Further details from Sketches of Xiaomi Mi 6

Along with this, the design also reveals that Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to have an USB Type-C port along with a couple of external speaker grills for the audio output. Above that, there is the ‘Home’ button although whether it is a physical one or a virtual one is not yet confirmed. But it is believed that it is going to be a physical one. The ‘Home’ button will also be bearing the fingerprint scanner on it.

The back of the device besides revealing the dual-camera setup provides the users with the information that there is the continuation of the thick bezels. The LED Flash, besides the dual-lens camera, should not be missed out as well. The brand name is also visible on the back of the device as well.

If we get to know any further information on Mi 6. We will update the article here. By far whatever we have got an idea of Dual Camera Setup in Mi 6 we have given. Should you have, any questions or updates feel free to send them across to us. To do so, you can use the comment section below.

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