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Choosing a Power Bank

Even though power banks are basically now one of the most helpful charging electronics on the market, overall, it’s important to know which power banks provide quality and which ones don’t. As a result, there are many charging electronic companies that are now selling power banks and just because they sell charging electronics does not mean that what they’re selling is going to provide quality.

That is why I’ve created some of the most important parts to know about a portable charger before you go ahead and purchase one; because there are things that you should know before buying one.

The power Capacity and the Size

The power capacity and the size of a portable charger are both directly correlated. And it’s important to know what they both entail.

So the lower the power capacity of the power bank means that it will be smaller and the higher the power capacity will mean that it’s larger. With that said, both of these types of power banks hold their place with what someone is looking for.

Mini Power Banks

Power banks that have low power capacities are actually one of the most used types of power banks because they’re the Mini kind of portable chargers. Mini power banks are able to take on smaller form factors such as cylindrical sizes and also Slim designs that make them nearly as small as your smartphone. Even though Mini power banks are only able to charge your smartphone to its full power once, they can basically be taken anywhere with you.

High Capacity

On the other side of the spectrum, high capacity power banks are the type of portable chargers that are heavier and larger. With that said, high capacity power banks are still portable but you won’t be fitting them into your pocket or holding them in your hand for long periods of time. Instead, these power banks are really meant to be set down and to charge devices multiple times over because of their high power capacities.

The Ports and the Charging Speeds

Most of the time, power banks that have lots of charging ports are ones that have high power capacities. Since more power means that you can use it all the same time. With that said, even though a power bank that has lots of ports is alluring to buy, just hold on before taking the leap.

Bad Designed Charging

This is because you have to know what charging speed of each of those ports are and more importantly, know the Max Output that the power bank has to offer. This means that if you’re looking at a power bank that has a charging speed of 5V/1.0A for each of its ports and a Max Output of 3 Amps all at once; then that power bank is too underpowered. Since it’s a slow charging speed.

Good Designed Charging

What should be the case with a power bank that has 3 charging ports is that each of its ports should offer a charging rate of 5V/2.0A and a Max Output of 6 Amps. That’s a better charging power because 2 Amp is able to charge most devices at their max charging rates, and a Max Output of 6 Amps at once means that you can use the Max power of each port at the same time.

The brand that you purchase the power bank from

There are quite a lof companies selling power banks

Since power banks have become such a popular charging electronic, it means that there have been a ton of charging electronic companies that have been popping up everywhere and selling power banks. The main problem with this is that there are a lot of companies that sell quality power banks and also companies that sell very bad quality power banks. Knowing the difference between the two kinds are very important.

Innovation is the Key for a Great Brand

That is why you should always purchase your power banks and basically all your other charging electronics like your USB wall chargers, and car chargers; from reputable charging electronic companies. Search for the companies that provide high capacity power banks that have lots of ports and at the same time have great charging speeds. Also, Mini power banks that are very small and still have some fast charging capabilities to them.

The last vital thing to look for in a charging electronic company is how much they innovate with their power banks. What that means is, just because a power bank has a high power capacity doesn’t mean that it has to be large. Instead, higher capacities are now being able to fit into smaller spaces.


  • Make sure the power capacity matches the size
  • Know the charging speed
  • Get power banks with special charging tech if you have compatible devices
  • Purchase power banks from reputable brands

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