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How To Block App Invites On Facebook

How to block application invites in facebook

Sick and tired of those annoying app or event invites? Here’s How To Block App Invites On Facebook once and for all. Facebook can be a great tool. You can use the social network to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and keep an online catalog of your life. There are also some downsides,

Things Introverts Do that Make Them Productive

Things Introverts Do that Make Them Productive

Introverts have a charm of their own. Most of the times they are misunderstood given to their silent and self-centred disposition. However, when you would observe them closely, you would come to the reality that they are truly genuine beings and are highly productive in their life. Though they might lack the social traits to

How Netflix in INDIA could get you blacklisted

Netflix In India

First of all please accept my apologies, due to some issues and traveling I was unable to update this blog since last couple of days. And then there was a hacking attempt in my other blogs which had to be taken care of, hence there was some delay. I am sure you would understand. So

Top Android Utility Apps For daily use and ease

Top Android Utility Apps

Android users are all over the world and growing day by day. Android is becoming more and more powerful and helpful day by day. That is Android app developers are making new and improved applications which help you in your daily task. Here I am sharing top android utility apps for your daily use and

How To Increase Security Of Your Smartphone

how to increase security of your smartphone

1. Set a lock code So How To Increase Security we are talking about. So from email to texts, phone book entries, and pictures, your phone has lots of personal information that’s potentially accessible to prying eyes. Bottom line: if you take your phone out of your house, you should definitely use a lock code.

10 things to figure out before you start building an app

With 4.7 billion smartphone users we can state that literally, almost everyone engages with mobile apps. Apps bring both creativity bloom and monetization opportunities. You know it well, at some point you’ve probably had an idea that could be a cool app. Today I am going to share 10 things to figure out before you start

Service and Products Google is Providing

Google Products

Here is the complete list of Google Products that people in 2018 also think that they know everything but they do not know about these amazing products that are from Google but they do not know that they exist. I am giving this information out to understand if there are any issues you can refer

How to install WordPress on Windows Machine using WAMP Server

Since you are here reading this article, I am sure you know what WordPress is. And the importance of WordPress in a niche like creating websites or blogs. In some cases, you need WordPress to be available on your local machine. Just to test changing things here and there. That way making sure that the

How to take screenshot in MAC

How To Take Screenshot In MAC

If you are using a MAC system then you must be knowing already that screenshots does not work like windows where you can use a just a print screen and paste in a paint program we will get the screen but it does not work like that. I started using a MAC most recently and

New Nokia Mobiles: Nokia is finally Back

New Nokia Mobiles

Remember the days when you charge your phone and talk for days? Those are the days I usually miss. To make the new mobiles even harder to get into the market New Nokia Mobiles are making a comeback. New Nokia mobiles are finally back. From the new Nokia mobiles, there are four that are new.

How to Fake your Location in Google Chrome

Sometimes websites may request access to your location so that they can serve more relevant information. For instance, if you are looking for a gas station, a maps website may use your current geographic location to display stations that are near your place. How Browsers Determine your Location Earlier, websites would use the IP address

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy Note 8 – Which One You Should Buy

Galaxy S8+ vs Galaxy Note 8 Display

While it is typical of Samsung to launch multiple smartphones every year and 2017 is no different, the differences between their 3 new top-tier devices launched becomes a bit complicated. Since smartphone hardware is kind of at a saturation point right now with Snapdragon 835 being the top-spec processor used in most devices, it can

Moto G 6 and Moto G 6 Play Issues Complaints

Moto G 6 and Moto G 6 Play Issues Complaints

As you might already know there are three mobiles from Moto. They are Moto G 6, Moto G 6 Play and Moto G 6 Plus. They all are an amazing piece of art but every technology has something to talk about. There is something that we expected more but did not get. This article is

Hello Bar Plugin Review and Usage

Hello Bar Plugin Review and Usage

As most of you would already know Hello Bar is a plugin where you could share your content in an incredible way. You can get emails of your visitors for email marketing and lot more. Today in this Hello Bar Plugin Review and Usage article I am going to explain how it works and my

90 Google Chrome Tricks You Might Not Know

Here are 90 awesome features or google chrome tricks which will amaze you knowing that Google Chrome is what all about. The first 10 of them can be found HERE. Read and know the first 10 tricks. The next 20 of them can be found HERE. Read and know the next 20 tricks. The next 30 of