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Browse banned websites in your country: Exclusive trick

If you are staying in any country that exists in this world map then this article is for you. I know that there are some countries where YouTube is banned and some countries where Netflix and Hulu or similar services are banned. Well, guess what I have good news for you that I have found a way for you to browse banned websites without any hassle.

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Sometimes it happens that you need to do something and that needs an website to be browsed, for example sometimes I need something so I just hop on to youtube and see the process that needs to be done and then do it on my own but if youtube is banned in your country then you are out of luck, either you have to figure out on your own or find a way to browse youtube even if it is banned.

browse banned websites for free

People like me who are fond of TV shows are also out of luck if you are willing to watch a show in Netflix or Hulu for instance or may be Amazon Prime because they are not available in your country. If you are still willing to go with this option then I have an exclusive trick that will help you to browse banned websites in your country.

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If you have already tried to achieve this then I know for a fact that you know already what is VPN and what are the costs. If you want to use VPN then here is an article I wrote to browse banned websites on your computer and it has some costs as well but this time I have a FREE option for you.

Browse Banned Websites for FREE

And the option that is FREE is HOLA. HOLA is a FREE VPN service that will let you browse from any country in the world right from your computer. All you have to do is use the official extension that is available for Google Chrome and Firefox Browser.

If you go to the home page, then you will see there are several options available for MAC, iOS, Windows and Android. From there you can click on the relevant option for you and then it will be installed on your browser as an extension or it will be installed on your machine.

Browse banned websites

Once you install it then you will be able to change your country whenever you want. For me I preferred to install it in my Google Chrome browser and I can browse now from US or UK wherever I want. I have tried to browse Netflix from India and I was able to do that successfully. just so you know Netflix is not available in India but thanks to HOLA I was able to browse banned websites for FREE even though they are banned in INDIA.

Browse banned websites NetFlix

Since it worked just fine for me, it should work for you as well. Let me know in the comments below if it did not work for you and I should be able to help you with any issues you might face.

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