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Best Jio prepaid recharge plans in India for Indian users

Jio is the best and largest mobile network provider in India. Almost in the world we could say that since Jio was launched it has been a turnaround. The services of the mobile network providers have improved drastically. It was publicly available since 5th September 2016. And ever since it has been a journey that no subscriber could forget. Now with all the services Jio offers it is always wise to consider different plans you can recharge. In the context, I am going to explain and advise based on my personal opinion what is the best plan that Jio offers. I am going to tell you the best Jio prepaid recharge plans in India.

Early on the data used to be free. But eventually Jio added more and more benefits. Like free hello tunes for customers and so on. Now with their postpaid offering they are providing service like no other provider. Before few months Jio had added the extra charges as 6 paisa per minute. Which was mainly to deal with other providers like Vodafone-Idea and Airtel and the amount of money they charge. Just for handing over calls from one network to another. In any case, the data usage has been more than ever.

You can find further details around the plans from Jio in the official website.

Thanks to Jio internet availability has been not a question of the past century any more. Now everyone has access to data services. However, the recharge part is something that everyone needs to worry. The Jio prepaid recharge plans in India offer some services for 84 days. Some for 24 days or 28 days or 365 days or 336 days. However, I am going to compare them for you. And I am going to advise what is the best Jio prepaid recharge plans in India. Note that, I am personally a Jio user and will advise you based on my experience. These plans are which you could use which will provide you most of the services and you will not be burning a hole in your pocket.

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As you might already be aware, Jio is mostly famous for the data it offers. If we look at the plans then some of them offer 28 days, 56 days etc. Now for calculations sake and ease of understanding I have taken the calculation as per day cost for each plan. I have also considered what the plan offers extra other than messages as 100 in number per day and unlimited voice. As a secondary consideration for helping you to make your decision I have also considered the per GB data cost. However, that is not practical because we tend not to use the complete amount of data each day Jio assigns as part of the plan.

Best Jio prepaid recharge plans in India

Therefore, overall cost per day should definitely help you to get going. And you will be able to make your mind up which plan to use. You will understand what is the Best Jio prepaid Recharge Plans in India for your use. I have also done the calculations in the excel sheet so that you can see it for yourself if you are not happy with the image of the calculation as shared below. The sheet is here.

Recommended plans for a light to medium user

If you are a light user who just uses data for few hours for browsing and reading. You may as well watch few YouTube videos and your per day data usage lies somewhere between 1024 MB or less then I recommend you go ahead with plan 149. This has a validity of 24 days and offers 24 GB of data. It will come to your number as 1 GB per day. This plan costs you 6.21 rupees per day. If you are okay to recharge for a year so that it costs less then you can also go with the plan 2121. This plan lasts for 336 days. Per day cost on this plan will come as 6.32 rupees. This is only 12 paisa more then the former plan.

Best Jio Prepaid Recharge Plans in India

Recommended plans for a medium to heavy user

If you are a heavy user, then I would recommend you to go ahead with the 2121 plan which costs 6.32 rupees per day. If you need more data, then I recommend 2399 plan which will offer you 2 GB data per day. And the cost per day for this plan is 6.58 rupees. Given that, you are a cricket fan you can bump the plan for another 200 rupees which will give you 10GB extra data. Along with that you will get a Disney+ Hotstar subscription for free of cost 399. All this for 2599 for 365 days. With all this your per day cost will be 7.13 rupees.

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If you can not recharge for the whole year and want to go for a shorter plan then I would recommend you to go with plan 599. This will last for 84 days. This offers 2 GB per day and your per day cost would come to 7.14 rupees. However, I would recommend you to think again. Because if you could go for the yearly plan then you could get 10GB data more and Hotstar for a year for the 2599 plan.

Best Jio Prepaid Recharge Plans in India

Recommended plans for a super heavy user

Here is the tricky thing. I have not personally seen anyone using Jio for 3GB per day. However, if you are that kind of user then I would recommend you to go for plan 999. This plan lasts for 84 days. However, your per day cost is about 11.90 rupees. The other plans cost more. Therefore, in this category I would only recommend this plan.

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Let me know what do you think of this articles in comments below. Should you have any queries please feel free to post them in the comments below and I would be happy to help.

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