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Beginners guide to android game development

You must be enticed with a plethora of games that are available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for us to decide among them to download on our smartphones. Some have attractive animations while others have better sound effects. Some come with a great user interface, while others have tricky brain teasers. Ever wondered the mystery behind the development of these exciting and fun Android smartphone games? For those having a zeal to develop a game of their own, this article is based on a complete guide to Android game development. Let’s begin with the beginners guide to Android game development.

Beginners guide to android game development

Pick Essential Tools

Before starting to develop any game, you need some specific tools. “Android Studio” is the standard tool for the development of Android games. To understand Android Studio, you need an insight into the basics of the programming language. The underlying programming language present at the roots of the Android Studio is the Java programming language. Therefore, to develop an Android game, you need adept knowledge of Java. There are several games that are built on a plethora of software from GameMaker: Studio, Corona SDK, Stencyl, and Unity for 2D.

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Never Give Up

In the initial days, it might seem a bit difficult to develop an Android game on one’s own. However, it is never a relevant idea to give up on the same. If you invest a good amount of time in the game and a roadblock comes in the way, you should not lose hope. There might be incidents when it can take several days for the random bugs and obstacles to go away. However, the trick is to never give up. Unless you get stuck at a very complex point, you should keep going. Then the final results would be fruitful.

Make Something Original

It is quite obvious that your game must be original. There are several instances of original games that have gained tremendous success. No gamer would like to play a copycat. You might generate some money with the game. However, there are higher chances that they might not be a hit. The gamers yearn for some original piece. It is also very satiating that to create something no one has ever made. This game must be released all brand-new for the world to observe what happens. Therefore, to achieve the desired success, it is vital to creating something original rather than a copied piece. Also, you must not take credits for something that is originally not yours.

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Simpler is Better

The current trend in the Android game market is based on the basic concepts of simplicity. The simpler the game, the better it is. Simple games make them exciting and fun. Most of the players around the world like to play simple and user-friendly games. This also gives an endless replay value to the game. Some of the most trending and famous games on the Android operating system are quite simplified and provide a magnified replay value. A complicated game is usually ignored by the players as it calls for an investment of time and efforts. The complicated games are kept separate for the gaming consoles and PCs. Most of the players do not wish to play a game that lasts for more than a few minutes to play. As this is a guide to a beginner for game development, we aim to provide a relatively simpler and less complicated tutorial on the development of the games.

Beta Test Your Game

This is the most vital step towards any form of Android game development and design. The developer will be biased towards the step of software testing. This is because of the reason that if they ignore the bug or error once, it will reappear in the game again. You can develop several test cases in the app or the game itself for testing the most general use cases of the game application. You must ensure that your game is as perfect and original as possible before releasing the same.

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Conclusion on the beginners guide to android game development

Once you are armed with a beginner’s guide to game development, you are all set to jump into this world of Android game development. It would entail a good amount of research and practice to end up with a rewarding game. You might not know that your game could be a complete hit!

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